Aug 072015

For Girl Scouts we had a spa party tonight. We had the girls help each other put mud masks on, and then we did their nails before they washed the mud off their faces. Chloe looks like she wasn’t too sure what to think about the mud mask.


Jun 062015

We had our troop bridging ceremony this evening. Dinah bridged to Brownies.


Tyra bridged to Cadettes:


After we bridged the girls, we had dinner and then moved inside to finish with the awards. Rain was headed our way, so we did what we could outside. The wind got crazy and the rain was starting when we went inside.


Jun 052015

Tyra, Dinah, Chloe spent the last three days at day camp. I helped out yesterday and today. This year’s theme was “blast from the past”. Wednesday they got to make some bracelets from ancient Egypt, and necklaces from ancient Rome, and they came home with some constellation charts. I really don’t know too much about those activities because I wasn’t there. Yesterday we had activities from the medieval period. They got to participate in a Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream:


I got to help girls with a catapulting game, while my companion supervised the jousting.

Today the girls got to do activities relating to the 1920’s forward. I was at a “20’s games” station so the girls got to play hopscotch and jump rope.



Partway through the day, I was asked to help at the photo-op station. I guess the person taking the pictures for the first part of the day ran out of space on their SD card, and they saw that I had a camera and asked me if I could take over. That was fine with me and it ended up being a good thing because it meant that I got to take the pictures for Tyra’s and Chloe’s groups which also included some of the other girls from my troop. 🙂



Dinah’s group must have had their pictures taken before I was asked to take the pictures. We finished each day with a friendship circle:


The girls had learned the Charleston and practiced it as one of their stations today and after today’s friendship circle the girls got to do it all together.