Feb 262014


This is the reason we drove through the night. So that we would for sure be back in time for the Blue and Gold. Jeremy didn’t receive any awards this time. But Kyle being the Webelos leader did have a boy receiving his Arrow of light and bridging to eleven year old scouts and we felt that it was important for Kyle to be here to support his scout in that.

The theme this year was “Where in the World”. So the invitations were on bits of map, and there were globes on the tables for decoration. Dinner was “walking tacos”, which was just chili with salad and chips and toppings. The leaders were the ones going around to serve the chili, so Kyle didn’t really get to sit with us much, but in general it was a good evening.

Feb 262014

After we dropped Debby off, and got home, we unloaded the van and crashed in our beds for a bit. Driving through the night is nice because the kids sleep most of the time and therefore there are fewer potty stops, but it is HARD on us big people in the front that need to stay awake the whole time!

I came out to the kitchen after laying down a bit, and found that Minnie Mouse had been having a snack, and she wasn’t sharing.


Beef jerky in her mouth….candy wrappers….open bag of cookies….silly mouse! In all actuality Lydia was probably feeding Minnie and helping herself to snacks as well. 😛

Feb 262014

We drove home through the night. We were still a couple of hours away from home when the sun started to peek over the mountains, and I saw the moon and venus up in the sky. We didn’t stop, but I decided to get my camera out and take some pictures anyway.



Feb 242014

Grandpa has a band saw, and we do not. The Pinewood Derby is next month, so we thought ahead and brought a kit for Jeremy to work on while we were at Grandpa’s house. 😉 On our way back from the temple after the wedding, we stopped off to buy a new blade for the band saw since Grandpa said his blade was dull. When Grandpa came home from work yesterday he helped Jeremy get his car cut.


Grandpa gave Jeremy some sand paper so he could smooth it out a bit, and then Daddy helped him get started on painting.


Jeremy wants his pinewood derby car to look like Vanellope’s car from the movie Wreck it Ralph. After the first coat of brown was on, Kyle and Jeremy decided they needed puffy paint, to make the paint look more like real frosting. So while the first coat was drying they went shopping for puffy paint and other accessories.

Jeremy, frosting the car:


We let Jeremy finish with the brown puffy paint before going to bed so it could dry through the night. Today Christian and Jonathan helped Jeremy with putting the wheels on. It was actually more like Christian getting everything in place and then telling Jeremy when to hit it with a hammer.



Jonathan helped by getting the right tools out to get the job done to make sure the tires were straight. We also tested it several times on the living room floor to make sure that it doesn’t veer too much to either side. Jeremy will have to finish decorating it when we get home, we’ve got a month left for him to work on that. The hardest parts (cutting and wheels) are done. 😀