Jan 192013

We are late, but we finally celebrated Ethan’s 10th birthday. The kids were all passing around a stomach bug the week of his birthday and rather than have them vomit cake, we decided to wait until everyone was through it before celebrating.


I can never decide what cake to make, so I always let the birthday person choose what cake they would like me to make. Ethan chose a checkerboard strawberry and lemon cake this year.

Ethan is excited to be 10. Turning 10 means that he has graduated from Bear cubs and is now in the Webelos den, which is the den that Kyle is the leader for.

Jan 102013

Doors are UP! ๐Ÿ˜€



As the guys were bringing them into the house from the garage, they found that two or three of the doors had a huge crack/gouge down the side, so they will need to replace those. I think they were all closet doors, and they all had the same damage. One of the guys saw it and thought he was hauling in the same broken door again, only to take it out and find that the other damaged door was still out there.

Jan 082013

Mudding and taping began the day after Christmas, and with smearing mud on the walls that meant turning the heat in the house WAY up. Basically we wanted the mud to dry, and considering the super cold temperatures outside, we did NOT want the mud to freeze instead. So we needed to keep up a constant heat blowing through the basement. To help keep us from roasting upstairs, and to help keep most of the warm air blowing through downstairs we closed every vent on the main floor, and we blocked the one under the kitchen sink with a towel (it doesn’t have a way to close it like the others).

Kyle had a couple of guys from our phone company come out and fix the internet wiring December 27th. Since they needed to cut a couple of holes in the brand new drywall to get the cables to where Kyle wanted them, I did feel a bit annoyed that this wasn’t done before the drywall went up. Weston was very nice about it though and did get the drywall fixed back up and smeared mud on it to smooth it out, but he wasn’t able to do very much else that day because the mud from the day before still wasn’t fully dry. So Weston and his work buddy were back out the next day to do some more mudding.



Weston went to Mexico over the weekend to be with his family for New Years. He flew back into Utah on Wednesday (Jan 2) and he came straight out here, right from the airport to get some more work done. He was here until about 1 am. I have to admire his desire to get the job done, but we totally would have understood if he didn’t come out until the next morning. He was back the next morning too, and worked until mid afternoon, then he decided to go home and get some rest since he couldn’t really do anything else until the mud had dried and he was wiped out from being here so late the night before.

Before they could begin texturing they had to sand down all of the mud to make sure everything was nice and smooth. This part is a nasty business, because it makes a mess everywhere and it can’t be healthy to breath that stuff. Even though we kept the basement door shut unless one of the guys was walking through it, there was a layer of dust everywhere on the main floor. It was most easily noticed on the dining table because we like to wipe it off after meals, so when the table was no longer shiny but had this hazy appearance I would go over and swipe my finger on it and that would give away just how much dust was on the table, again. It took forever for them to be ready to spray the walls with the texture, but once they were ready it didn’t take them very long to spray the walls.


Of course having the texture on the walls meant the heat had to go back up again to help it dry, as to make the stuff to spray on the walls took many gallons of water. And after the walls dried they had to finish up with texturing the ceiling. This took longer than the walls did, because this they had to do by hand.


After they finished with the ceiling and it had a chance to dry they had to sand that down so there wouldn’t be any pointy drips hanging down, but now they are completely done and we are pretty much ready for paint!



Jan 052013

We went into town today to pick carpet! I was a bit nervous about leaving the house though, because Weston and his brother were over working on getting the mudding/texturing done. I just wanted to be around to know how things were going with that.

I was excited to finally be picking carpet, considering that means we are really almost done. But the process of picking carpet was really starting to make me mad after a while. Talking to Dave’s carpet guy, the quote he gave was based on about $25 per square yard. But NOTHING he showed us was actually that cheap. Kyle and I had gone to RC Willey a couple of weeks ago to start looking at carpet just to get some ideas before we had to officially pick something. We found some carpet that we really liked while we were there. When we found this same carpet at this showroom and asked how much it was, we were told that it was about $40 per square yard. So we kept looking. The salesman kept showing us other stuff and when we asked how much they were it was always $35-$40 per square yard. Well if we are going to pay $40 per square yard we might as well get that carpet that we both really liked, not something else. The only reason we kept looking was to see if we could find something else that we both liked that was cheaper. Eventually, I really just wanted to be out of there because the sales man we really starting to bug me and we just decided to get the really expensive carpet that we both liked. Then we had to pick some kind of flooring for the laundry room. I told the salesman thatย  I did NOT want the cheap vinyl flooring that dents and rips if you drop anything on it, and I have seen washers and driers tear up that kind of flooring before. I also did not want ceramic tile because that can crack under the weight of the washer and drier. So the salesman showed us another vinyl flooring that looked like tiles, but they weren’t the thin vinyl floor stickers that my mom used to use. They were nice thick pieces of vinyl, that looked sturdy. So we brought out the swatch of the carpet color that we liked and we picked the tiles that looked the best with it. So it’s done. We picked our flooring. We are going to end up paying extra for the nicer stuff, but hey, it’s NICER. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jan 022013

Our doors and trim arrived today! The guys that delivered them surprised me with the fact that they weren’t allowed to take the stuff to the basement and that they needed to put it in the garage. I wasn’t very happy about that, because the garage is very full of everything that we moved out of the basement. But I went ahead and opened the garage door and told them to have a look and see if they could move stuff around in order to make enough space to put the doors and trim in there. The only thing I asked was that they NOT block off the three dressers that are out there. Those dressers are full of the girls clothes, and the only reason they are in the garage is because there is no room for them anywhere on the main floor. So I left them to get everything unloaded. I went back out in the garage a little later and found that they had just left. They left without saying anything to me. They didn’t say they were done or that they were leaving or anything of the sort. And they left the garage door wide open. Also when I went out, one of the first things I noticed was that they moved a whole bunch of stuff and blocked off the space right in front of the refrigerator. I had thought that it was a no brainer to not block off access to the fridge. Then I noticed that they also blocked off all of the dressers. Which really bothered me because now we have to figure out HOW to get to the dressers to actually get clothes out so that Tyra can get dressed for school in the mornings.

Later, Kyle was talking with Dave and mentioned that the doors and trim arrived today and Dave was surprised saying “they weren’t supposed to deliver that stuff today!” I guess he hadn’t actually ordered it yet. So I don’t know what is going on, but my garage now has a whole bunch of doors and trim in it.