Mar 302012


Ethan has been so excited about the presentation that the third grade students have been preparing to put on for their parents. He has been heard singing the songs that they were practicing at school, all around the house lately. This actually kind of surprised me because he is my child that has never once gone up to the front of church to sing with the primary when they were preparing to sing something. Kyle worked from home today so that he could be close enough to just take a break to come to the school with us to see the presentation. The program went like this:

  • School song
  • School motto
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas)
  • The 3 R’s (from School House Rock)
  • God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood)
  • Essays by a few students
  • You’ve got a Friend in Me (from Toy Story)

I was pleased to see that he not only sang, but he participated when they had hand motions to go with the songs, too. He was very happy to get to put on the presentation and he was even happier that Kyle was able to attend. It’s just not as exciting to have me there, because I’m mommy, I’m always just down the street, so it’s easy for me to be there. But for Kyle to take the day to work from home so that he could use his break time to be at the presentation, was a big thing for Ethan.


Mar 272012

French braiding is something that I do NOT do well. Most of the time I put my girls hair in pig tails or pony tails, or only part up. Tyra’s hair is long enough to braid without doing a french braid. But Dinah and Chloe still have rather short hair that in order for them to have braided hair, it must be a french braid. And it’s actually better looking if they have two, because one braid down the middle doesn’t keep the hair very well.  I don’t really know how to coordinate my fingers to be able to do it, but I did know the concept of HOW, so I’ve been trying to practice french braiding. And here is Chloe with her first ever, french braids!



Mar 242012


Ethan had his second pinewood derby today. He made his car look like Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie “Cars”. It turned out to be a really cool looking car, but it didn’t do very well in the races.

First of all we got to the church and he weighed in his car. It was really light, but he said he didn’t want to add any weights to it, so next we just waited for the races to start. Right before they started the races, someone made a comment about putting graphite on the wheels/axles, and Kyle decided to run over to the table and do that really fast before Ethan’s car was up. Ethan’s name came up, and he put his car on the track all excited to see it go, and then it didn’t even make it to the finish line. It rolled down the ramp and then stopped dead on the straight part of the track. Ethan sat there crushed, just staring at it as people told him to just push it through, so the timer for his car would stop counting. Kyle and another dad saw how upset he was and went to help him fix it up a bit to hopefully help the car make it to the end of the track next time. The second time his car was up, it again didn’t make it to the end of the track. Kyle asked the cubmaster if they could add some weight to the car hoping that that may make a difference, and they got permission to do so. And they continued to graphite the wheels after each race. I noticed that with each time his car went down the track the time was better and better, but the damage was done.

They way that the race works is, each boy’s car gets to race 6 times, twice down each of the three lanes. They take the slowest time, and throw that one out, then they add up all the rest of the times. Then they rank the cars based on that number. Well this year instead of just going through the whole pack and starting with boy number 20 and working their way up to the top three, they announced the places within the ranks. So they announced the order that the cars came in for the wolf den, then the bear den and finally the webelos. Ethan came in last of all the bears, and you could tell that he was really disappointed. Then they proceeded to announce the top three overall winners. After that was all done and we were having refreshments and the boys were sending their cars down the track just for fun, they had up on the screen the scores of all the boys in the pack. Ethan’s car was dead last, and Ethan saw it. He was in such a grouchy mood for the rest of the day. But Kyle told him that we would go to the scout shop and buy some more kits and practice making cars between now and the next derby so that hopefully, next year’s race will be better. 🙂

Mar 152012

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t want to let it stop me from running. I figured that I would eventually have to stop and wait until after baby is born to continue, but I wanted to keep going for as long as my body would let me. Morning sickness hit at about week 6, and the thought of running when you generally feel yucky, just isn’t appealing. But I found that getting up to run as much as I could actually helped my body feel good, even if I was feeling queasy.

I went in for my first prenatal appointment when I was about 12 weeks. We got to hear the heartbeat, and Valerie, my midwife, got my new chart all ready. I got to weigh myself and she asked what my pre-pregnancy weight was. My weight had gone down, as it always does. Kyle made a comment about my running and Valerie looked at me and told me to stop right now! Then she asked why I was running. I reminded her about Dinah being my little run away child, and that running just makes me feel good emotionally, and my body just feels good afterward. Valerie told me that I can run to catch Dinah, but that was it. I was not concerned about my drop in weight at first, because it always goes down before it starts going up. But looking at my records of my previous pregnancies I usually only lose 2-3 pounds. This time I had gone down by about 7! So I stopped running, and I started counting my calories. I figured that the only reason I had to stop was because I wasn’t taking in enough calories to support my usual activity, my running, and my body’s efforts to grow a baby.

I had my second prenatal visit today. I have gained 5 pounds! Valerie told me that I don’t need to count my calories but just to eat small frequent meals. I asked her if I could run once a week, and she told me that I can run (once a week), but no jogging. I am SO excited to be able to get out and run again, even if it is just once each week. That makes me very happy. 🙂

Mar 122012

Girl Scouts is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year. What an exciting time to be a troop leader, or a Girl Scout for that matter! This past week has just been crazy with birthday celebrations. Last Monday Chick-fil-a in American Fork was throwing a birthday party for Girl Scouts. So we just had to go check it out! Here are a bunch of Girl Scouts that came to the event. Of those girls, only Tyra is in my troop.


And the cow is wearing a Girl Scout uniform!


We bought our dinner, but Chick-fil-a had birthday cake that they cut up and passed out, and they had balloons for the kids and free ice cream cones. Over the course of the evening we did see most of the girls from our troop, and it was a really fun family night activity.

Tuesday night, there was a city council meeting, that they asked all the Girl Scouts in Eagle Mountain to attend. The first item of business for the evening was to read and vote on a proclamation declaring March 12, 2012, Girl Scouts Day. Personally I was really excited to be there JUST to get a visual of how many Girl Scouts there are out here in EM, just because I know that my troop exists and that Tyra’s old troop exists, but other than that I kind of feel like our troop is all alone out here in the middle of nowhere. After the city council voted on the proclamation they wanted to get a picture with all the Girl Scouts:


Now I don’t know if that’s an accurate representation of ALL the Girl Scouts out here in EM. But I do know that only 50% of my troop was there. (They are the 4 brownies right in the middle). 🙂

Then tonight I had the opportunity to take my troop up to the Utah State Capitol building in Salt Lake City, for a birthday celebration. I just loved the view as we were driving up the street to the capitol building:


The building straight ahead, and flags all along the street announcing the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting. So awesome! The party at the capitol consisted of singing some Girl Scout songs out on the front steps. They had some ladies from camp there, to lead the girls in singing some camp songs. Then we moved inside to listen to the program, which was made up of some state officials talking about Girl Scouting and how excited they were to be able to share in our special celebration. And we scored three different patches for each girl just by being there! (I love patches 😛 )


Here’s my troop out front of the Capitol building. It’s been a lot of fun to be the troop leader, and to be doing these things with my daughter and her friends, and in the process I’ve been able to make new friends too. 🙂