Nov 292010

The past few days I’ve thought that I’ve been feeling the baby move. But when the baby is still so small it’s hard to be sure. But this morning as I was laying in bed with my hand pressed to my tummy I felt a definite bump! The baby had kicked or hit right where my hand was and I’m sure that I have been feeling the baby move. 🙂

I LOVE being pregnant. The early part of a pregnancy always seems like a dream, where I’m not sure that I really am pregnant. Then I hear the heartbeat at the first appointment and things seems to sink in a bit more. Then the baby’s movements get strong enough for me to feel them and the whole being pregnant thing is suddenly very real!

I’m 18 weeks and still not really showing. Well I have a bit of a bump that I notice and Kyle can see, but the rest of the world can’t tell that I’m pregnant by looking at me. In fact, when everyone was here last week, I made a comment about how when I get hungry I still feel the morning sickness, and Tiffany said “Oh ya! You’re pregnant! You don’t look it.” She had totally forgotten until I reminded her!

Nov 272010


After going to Laurel’s 40th birthday party tonight we decided to finish the night up by going to see the lights on Temple Square. We left pretty late though, and it was really cold, (and Tiffany wasn’t feeling so well) so everyone decided it would just be best to drive by and see what we could.


We drove around the temple block twice. There were people EVERYWHERE. But I guess we should have expected that since this is the first weekend the lights are on.


Most of the Christmas lights are inside the temple wall, but what we did get to see were really pretty. 🙂 After seeing the lights we took the kids to Denny’s for dinner. Kyle and I haven’t eaten at Denny’s since we only had one or two kids, so it was a new experience for them and they really enjoyed it.

Nov 272010

Jenny brought up some ornament cookies for all the kids to decorate while they were visiting. I think of the 7 kids 2 took decorating their own ornament cookie seriously. Chloe wasn’t really interested, and she had missed her nap so she was really grumpy, so Tom decorated her cookie.

Jeremy did, I think the best job of decorating his cookie:101_6164

I think Ethan’s was next best:


Tommy’s looked pretty good for awhile:


Then he started EATING IT!


Later he found the tube of green frosting and just COVERED it which made it look like it was covered in goo. Then he continued to eat it.

Does this look like the face of a little girl who is taking the task of decorating her cookie seriously?


I think not. In that picture her cookie looks alright, but uh later on she decided to flip it over. Then we found her under the table trying to put red frosting on the back side of the cookie. Doesn’t she look like she’s feeling guilty about something?


Tyra’s cookie looked pretty good at first too:


But she kept adding more and more frosting. It’s going to take awhile to fully dry…

And Annaleah’s cookie was as cute as she could make it. She ended up flipping it over, though I”m not sure if she flipped hers over first or if she saw Dinah flip her cookie and decided to follow?


Here’s the cookie Tom decorated for Chloe:


Nov 272010

Today is Tommy’s birthday, and Monday is Jeremy’s birthday, and since our guests are planning on driving home tomorrow we decided to have a combined birthday party for the two boys today. 🙂

Tommy turned 6 today and so we sang to him first:


As soon as he blew out the candles Annaleah threw a huge FIT! I found it really funny actually. 😉


Then Jeremy is turning 5 on Monday so we sang to him next:


Tom & Jenny eventually gave in and let Annaleah blow out a candle:


Chloe decided to try to eat her cupcake with no hands:



Then after a short break we went on to opening presents.

101_6205 101_6212 101_6209 101_6246 101_6241


Thank you Grandpa Tom and Grandma Kathy, for the book. Look at that big smile. 🙂

And thank you Auntie Jenny and Uncle Tom for the legos and games.

Nov 272010

For the past few weeks that we’ve known cousins were coming to Utah for a visit, Dinah has been talking lots and lots about Annaleah, and how she can’t wait to see her. Jenny said that Annaleah has been anticipating coming to visit ‘her friend Dinah’. So cute they’ve been wanting to see each other SO BADLY! And now they are together and just being so cute. 🙂