Nov 302008

We went tonight to see the Christmas lights and displays at Temple Square in Salt Lake. It was awesome. The weather was nice (about 50 degrees), not bitterly cold like it was last year when we went. The kids enjoyed seeing the Temple and all the lights. The only one that may have not completely enjoyed herself was Dinah, since she was in the stroller a lot of the time. I did insist on taking her out to take pictures of her though. 😉 It was a lovely night, we went early in the season instead of risking going later when it’s colder and when we may have not been able to work something out due to Kyle’s work schedule.


Nov 302008

We started switching our Thanksgiving tree over to a Christmas tree on Friday, but we finished by putting the ornaments and the star on today (since Kyle was home to be with us). It’s so pretty, it’s a silver and gold tree (well the tree is green, but the decoration on it is silver and gold 😉 )


Nov 302008

Today we finished Jeremy’s birthday by singing happy birthday, having cupcakes, and he opened his present and his cards. Daddy and Wendy were home to be with us today. He’s very cute and when you ask him how old he is now, he still has to be told. 🙂


Nov 292008

Today is Jeremy’s 3rd birthday. Kyle asked him this morning how old he is now and he answered “little”. He’s so cute. We took him to Toys R Us so he could pick a birthday present. At first he wanted a Funshine bear (Funshine is his favorite of the Care Bears since he is yellow), but they only had ONE care bear. So we took him to check out the Thomas trains. After showing him a bunch he decided on ‘Molly’, which happens to be a yellow train. Then we walked through the books and he ended up picking a set of Thomas board books, and said the train was for Daddy for HIS birthday. We kept on, taking him through the store showing him the Cars (from the Disney movie) then showing him the Transformers. Then we finished off in the movies. They happened to have a couple of Thomas movies that we did not have, that included trains (which we also did not have) in the box, so we let him pick one movie/train pack to go with the books. Since he still wanted the books and not the train. Well the movie he picked ended up being $12.99 but when we checked out it rang up at $4.99. So I ran back in and checked the prices of the other ones we were looking at and another one of them also rang up at $4.99! What an awesome deal! A movie AND a train for $5, and if you buy Thomas trains you know that those alone can cost $10 or MORE for just the train. So he got two Thomas movies and two trains for $10 plus a set of board books 🙂 He is really excited. Ethan and Tyra were not happy that we were leaving the store with nothing for them. But it’s not their birthday so they can wait 😉

While we were over by the trains, Jeremy saw a Thomas the Train couch. It was very cute and one side can go up so that you are sitting in a soft cushy train, or you can lay the side down and just sit on the couch, very cute. I took a picture:CIMG1510

Nov 272008

Well we went to Kyle’s mom’s house for dinner today. I made pies to take along. An apple crisp, a peach pie and a pumpkin crisp. Kyle made mashed potatoes, but I don’t know what possessed him to use his hand mixer instead of the potato masher. They were more like potato mush or whipped potatoes. They tasted good. They were just a weird consistency to me 😉 Karen made the turkey and stuffing and made some mashed yams, covered with marshmallows. And Laurel & Roine brought rolls and green bean casserole.

The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins. Tyra even skipped dinner completely and just played the whole time.

Debby and Jeff met us there and Wendy came with us, so it was a nice gathering.

It was a busy day and everybody ate too much. But it was good. 🙂