Aug 292008

Well Dinah has cut her third tooth, the top left one. Kyle was holding her looking in her mouth, and he thought it was showing through!  We looked at it and although it wasn’t all the way out yet, it had definitely broken through, and she hasn’t cried once over it!

She still doesn’t have as many as her big brothers and sister had when they were this age, but she is just so cute!


Aug 252008

Well, Ethan started school today. Kyle even took the day off so we could all walk him down. He was so excited and got up early to get ready. I made crepes, Ethan’s favorite breakfast for his first day. As we walked out the front door, we saw other families on the street out front of their houses taking pictures of their kindergartners on their first day of school. The next door neighbor was out taking pictures of their little girl, then we came out and started taking pictures of Ethan. We then joined the parade of all the families out walking their kids to school. As we walked down the street other parents joined in, taking pictures of their kids and then they joined the long parade. It was a rather funny sight. We decided to take Chewy along with us for the walk. So Kyle and I, our four kids, Wendy and Chewy went out to walk Ethan to school.

When we got to the school they were having a “BooHoo Breakfast”. They had little muffins and fruit along with orange juice and water bottles. Ethan didn’t want anything, as he was so excited to be around the other kids on the playground, then tension was mounting as 9:15 approached. Then the teachers came out and the bell rang, and it was time for Ethan to go into his classroom and for us to go back home. That was when Ethan was suddenly not excited any more. He turned around from where he was in line to look for us and he was starting to cry with a big pouty face. 🙁 He made me almost start crying.


Aug 072008

Welcome to our blog, where we plan to post all kinds of fun stuff about our family. Be sure to check up on us often to find out what we’ve been up to. 🙂 We plan on updating this with things we find interesting about these little people we keep finding around our house!