Jul 312012

Kyle and I went to see “Wicked” tonight! We were actually in California when it was playing at the Pantages Theater in LA. But that trip we already had way too many plans for the time that we were going to be there and we decided not to try squeezing in a trip to the theater and said that we would just wait until it was showing in Salt Lake City.

Last week we found out that Wicked was already playing at the Capitol Theater in SLC, and since Debby had offered to watch the kids for us last Friday and Saturday night (so that we could get some things done and go on a date before the baby arrives) Kyle tried to find tickets. Finding tickets has proved to be rather difficult. Kyle couldn’t find anything for the nights that we had Debby coming to watch the kids and we ended up working in the basement one night, and going out the second night and doing other things instead. But we didn’t give up hope, and kept looking for tickets. Well, we looked online and Kyle called in to see what tickets we could find. I asked Debby when she would be available to watch the kiddos so that we could do this, and she said that she could do Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Well in calling, Kyle found out that Thursday was COMPLETELY sold out, and Wednesday and Friday there were only a few seats left, but not two seats next to each other. Then online I found two seats next to each other for Tuesday. Debby said she could come out and so we bought the tickets! They were rather expensive, but we figured that since we had been saving up to do something big for our 10th anniversary (which was last December) and we still hadn’t done anything, that this would be our something big to celebrate 10 years.

This afternoon while I was laying down to rest, Debby sent me a text saying that she has the flu and she wanted to know if I still wanted her to come out. Well being so close to having a baby (and the fact that our carpet cleaner is still in the shop for repairs), I really didn’t want the kids to get sick and then pass it on to me, so we had to find a plan B. Kyle ended up asking Laurel if they could watch the kids for us. They had some plans but she said that Alex and Sylvia could handle it. So I woke the kids up from their naps, I changed into a dress, and got the kids loaded in the van and got Kyle’s suit and I was on my way. All the way to cousin’s house the kids kept asking me why they couldn’t go with us to see the show. I pointed out that they can’t even sit still in a movie theater, and these tickets are a lot more expensive than tickets to the movies! And besides, Mommy and Daddy don’t go on very many dates and so it’s good for us to go out once in awhile. Kyle met us at cousins house after picking up a whole bunch of tacos for them to have dinner. (Gotta love Tuesday taco night!) And then we were off!

We picked up our tickets at the box office, and then went in to find our seats.


We had awesome seats, and the show was amazing. I was so excited just to be there. I think the last show Kyle and I had been to was a ballet in LA when Ethan was just a baby. That was before we moved to Utah. Though now that I think about it, I think we have been to the Tuacahn Amphitheater a couple of times since we’ve moved to Utah.

I kind of wish we had more time to plan and prepare for our trip to the theater, so that we could have had dinner before the show. But we had to get the tickets that we could find. And we had no control over Debby getting sick (I’m sure she would have much preferred to be watching my munchkins, to being sick. I also would have loved to wear a formal, but having the big belly prevented that. 😉 But I am so happy we were able to go, and that we didn’t have to go into debt to do it, and I am very happy that I got to go with Kyle.


Jul 132012

Dinah asked “Tyra, what are the rainbow colors?”

Tyra answered “Red, yellow, orange…..”

Then I hear Dinah say “And WHITE!”

Tyra argues that that isn’t a rainbow color

Dinah says “Ya! It’s the clouds!!!”

Jul 112012

Each month, our cub scout pack does a Pack Meeting, of various exciting activities. All of the meetings were planned well in advance, back at the end of last year, to give plenty of time for arranging them. This month,the plan was to hold a Medieval Faire for the scouts and their families. Unfortunately, Rebecca wasn’t feeling well, and the kids were being really disobedient, so I took Ethan and everyone else stayed home.

Brother Hacking is one of the Wolf leaders, and he really shined this time. He single-handedly constructed all of the activities for the faire. We had a crossbow shoot, jousting, catapult battle, mace battle, plinko game, bean bag toss, and a castle wall attack. Of course, the different activities were safe for the younger audience, like the crossbows were only rubberband guns shooting dull wooden bolts. I was personally impressed with the plinko board, which Bro Hacking put over 600 nails in for the paths down.

Each of the scout leaders was in charge of a different event, so I was placed over the mace battle. This was a competition between two boys (or girls, as scouts’ sisters came as well), standing on a circular platform with a rounded bottom. Each competitor stands on the platform, with a ball-and-chain made from a long wooden handle with a leather strap attached to it, with a leather-wrapped ball at the end. Harmless when hit, but still could knock the hat off you. Literally: there were large cardboard hats each person would wear, and the object was to knock it off.  So, I got to monitor the kids of all ages attacking each other. It was a blast watching the different boys compete, and only somewhat unexpected to see some of the kids get more into it.

As I was on the Mace Battle the whole time, I didn’t get a chance to see the other booths and what happened with them, but assume they went well. I wish I could have seen the others in action, especially that Plinko board. I can’t imagine having spent so long doing it.

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Jul 072012

I had been receiving emails that Gymboree (a kids clothing store in the mall) was having their $12.99 sale. EVERYTHING in the store was on sale for $12.99 or less. Considering that most items at Gymboree are at least $30, the $12.99 sale is the ONLY sale that would convince me to buy something in that store. Kyle mentioned that the email he saw, said that today was the last day and so we decided to head over to the mall when we were done at the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

By the time we got to the mall it was lunch time, and I was getting really hungry, which meant that I was also getting rather grouchy. We decided to have lunch in the food court, even though that tends to end up being expensive. I sat with the kids while Kyle went to the various restaurants to get the food that the kids had requested for lunch. While we were waiting for him to return with food, I noticed an ad standing on our table. It was an ad for an art museum that was supposed to be upstairs in the mall. I had NO idea that the mall even had an upstairs! Kyle came back and we got the kids fed and as we sat to eat as well, I showed it to him. There was a map showing where the stairs were to get to the museum upstairs and Kyle said “Let’s go check it out.”

So after we had all finished eating and we made a potty stop and got everyone washed up, we headed for where the map said the stairs were. We found them, and as we wondered how we were going to get the stroller upstairs, we saw a sign saying that the first Saturday of every month, the museum does workshops for scouts. Cub scouts, boy scouts and girl scouts can come and the museum will help them earn different things for their different groups. We discovered an elevator around the corner, and took that upstairs. We found the museum and once inside we asked them about their scout programs. They gave us some packets to look at for the different scouts awards, but they stop the workshops at 2:30 and we had got there at 2:25. 🙁 So we’ll have to come back next month to do the scout thing, but we still took the kids around to look at all the art.

I really liked this picture of space:





Dinah really wanted to have her picture taken with the picture of horses.



I think the kids really enjoyed looking at the various forms of art. And getting to Gymboree and finding out that the sale I was interested in was over, the fact that we found this museum today, kept the trip to the mall today from being a complete waste of time. 🙂

Jul 042012

What a way to finish our 4th of July celebrations! Jeremy was VERY slow about eating his dinner, and really didn’t eat much at all because he had a wiggly tooth. I think he was afraid of ending up having it fall out in his food and swallowing it or something. But he wouldn’t just yank it out so he could eat either. Finally as we were finishing up with the eating of our home made ice cream and getting ready for bed, he let Kyle yank it!


And then he went back to the table and heartily ate his dinner, that he had left sitting there. 🙂