Jan 202012

Lydia now has TEETH! She has the two front bottom teeth and one of her front top teeth. She smile is rather lopsided lately, but it’s changing forever. No longer is it that toothless grin, from now on out her smile will always have teeth in it.


Jan 092012


We celebrated Ethan’s birthday a couple of days late this year. We had our Girl Scout troops investiture and rededication meeting on his birthday. I know, I’m the troop leader and it was bad of me to schedule something on his birthday, but we did have it scheduled for Saturday and not everybody could come so we adjusted it.

So at nine years old he is in the third grade. He finds the work too easy, and is quite bored most of the time. He almost never practices his spelling words and will usually miss only one or two (just think if he actually practiced he wouldn’t miss any!). He doesn’t do his homework but always does well on the tests in school, so it’s obvious that he knows his stuff (takes after his daddy, Kyle was just like that too, drove his teachers nuts…). Ethan is totally into legos, and that’s usually what he’s messing with when he’s supposed to be doing homework. He is also in cub scouts and now that he’s nine, that means that my little wolf has moved up to bears:


Jan 072012

The tooth fairy made her last visit for 2011 to come and collect Ethan’s tooth on Dec 31.


And now, one week later has to come make her first visit of 2012 considering Tyra lost a tooth too. Ironically they both lost the tooth from the same spot, the one just to the right of their two front teeth. Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of Tyra with the new hole in her mouth.

Jan 022012

Please excuse the messy state of our blogs and photo gallery at the present time. We’ve had some things just stop working and so Kyle is working on fixing those things and updating everything. He’s got the blog back up to the point where I can use it again, but he still has to fix the way it looks and all that jazz. Hopefully it will all be working and looking nice again soon. 🙂

Jan 012012

I had daddy duty to take the kids to church, as Rebecca stayed home to take care of Lydia on the tail-end of a fever.  After church, as we were driving home, I like to interrogate the kids on their classes to see what they learned. Since today was the first day of the new year, and hence new classes, I asked them who their teachers were.

So I started from the top, “Ethan, who was your teacher today?”
His reply, “Aly and Lily’s dad.”
“I don’t know them,” I responded.  “What’s their last name?”
“Peterson,” was his response, “but not the other Petersons.”

I then asked Tyra.  Tyra said, “Mrs Berry. Same as last year.”
I responded, “You mean, Sister Berry?”
“Yes,” she stood corrected.

“Jeremy, who did you have today?”
Jeremy answered, “Brother Stancliff”
“He told me you were really good in class,” I complimented.

“Dinah, who did you have?” I asked.
“Mrs Evans,” she said.
“You mean Sister Evans,” I corrected.
“Yeah, Sister Evans,” she said

Since I spent the first hour of nursery with Chloe, I knew who her teachers were.  I left right as they were serving goldfish and graham crackers.  “Chloe, who was your teacher?” I questioned.

“Snacks,” came her response.

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