May 262011

Lydia is still gaining weight and weighed in this morning at 7lb 6 oz. This past week her diet has been even more formula than breast milk though. I think despite my efforts milk production is still slowing down. Dang it. Well I’ll just keep trying and when it’s gone, it’s gone and I’ll just have to tell myself to be ok with it.

May 232011

The whole reason for the road trip this past weekend was because Sandy and RobertΒ  tied the knot (Grandma going through the temple this weekend was just a bonus πŸ™‚ ).

They chose a golf club to be the location of the their wedding so after the busy rush of getting everyone fed, and dressed Saturday morning, we headed to the Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton. Sandy was somewhere locked away getting ready, so I didn’t really see her this trip aside from AT the wedding. My parents, siblings and I (with my little family) stood around waiting for instructions and someone told us to go downstairs and outside, and they started taking us to the wedding area in golf carts. The location was nice, with a lovely waterfall in the background. We just kind of stood in the back because we were supposed to be part of the procession. Not that I wanted to be part of the procession, but Sandy and Robert had decided that they wanted the immediate family to all be part of the procession before the bridal party started down the aisle.


Tyra and Dinah got to be train bearers:


This picture makes me laugh. At the first glance it looked like my dad was wearing the veil and train. πŸ™‚ And then you see Dinah hiking her dress up to her knees because it was too long and she didn’t want to trip on it. So cute.

The wedding itself didn’t last too long. Before actually doing the vows the minister (who I think is actually Robert’s uncle) gave them some advice.

  • Call your mothers each week.
  • When you have arguments, don’t hold back (and let it fester) just let it all out. Let it out, talk it over and get it resolved before you retire for bed.

I think that’s about all I remember of his advice. πŸ™‚


After the wedding we, as the family, got to hang out outside for the taking of pictures, while the rest of the guests went back up to the club house to wait for the reception room to open.

When they finally opened the doors for the reception room the tables filled quickly. I was wondering if there had been any tables reserved for the family of the bride and groom, but every table Kyle and I saw, was full. And the table right in front with most of my sisters didn’t have enough room left for my little family. Then I saw that around the corner in the very front there was a table completely unoccupied! So we snagged it, and it was a good thing too because that gave my parent’s someplace to sit up close to the table where the wedding party was to sit. And we were right there next to the little dance floor. So I’m glad we got such a good place to sit, I would have been really upset if we had to sit in the back somewhere.

After the food had been served, the little kids started getting restless. My boys took off to go hang out with my cousin, Charity’s boys and I have no idea where they were constantly off to. Dinah at one point went onto the dance floor and was spinning around in her pretty dress and then fell on her tummy. Of course I gave a little gasp, then I saw her look up and she saw everyone looking at her and she just started using her arms to spin herself around on her tummy. She’s such a silly girl. After the Father/Bride dance and the Mother/Groom dance, Tommy started dancing with Tyra:


And Dinah and Annaleah danced with each other:


I just love Dinah’s little laughing face.

After that the reception was just kind of everyone hanging out. They did cut the cake, and Sandy smashed it in Robert’s face. As the waiters went to carry the cake to the kitchen to cut it they almost dropped it. I thought that was so funny. πŸ˜› The cake was on glass plates (for lack of a better term) and then on the platform that supported each layer. And as the guys were carrying it the plate for the second layer slid on the platform and started to fall, and the one guy tried to catch it, but since his hands were holding the bottom layer, the only thing he had to catch the cake with was his chest! Of course this happened right next to our table so we saw it all, and Dad jumped up to try to reposition it on it’s platform. As he did so, he said later, that he could feel the top layer sliding around up there too and he was trying to fix the second layer without dropping the top layer! We found out later that the golf club had said they would credit Sandy and Robert for the cake since it had been damaged (I just hope those guys didn’t lose their jobs.)

So it was a crazy and busy but good day. And now they are married and off to a two week honeymoon in Italy. That just makes me feel lame saying that Kyle and I spent our honeymoon at Disneyland…. πŸ˜›

And for one final picture:


What a little stud muffin!

I have to mention that I totally forgot to take my camera to the wedding and I didn’t get ANY pictures this trip at all, and so these pictures are my sisters. πŸ™‚

May 232011

Thursday after the kids got home from school we hopped in the van for a road trip to California. I love road trips and we tend to go to California to visit the family often, although that has kind of slowed down since I’ve got two kids in school now. But this time I just wasn’t feeling up to it, since the kids are still in school they had to miss a couple of days. And having JUST had a baby I just wanted to do nothing but stay home and do nothing! But we loaded up the kids and hopped in the van and headed out of town anyways. We drove through the night since we knew we were going to need to stop frequently anyways. And the last time we tried stopping somewhere and getting a room so we could get some rest before heading down the road again we didn’t get much rest because the kids had slept in the car and were bouncing off the walls and we spent more time trying to keep them quiet so they don’t bother other people than being able to rest. So we decided since there would be lots of stops so we could feed Lydia there would be plenty of opportunities to switch drivers, stretch, and take a quick nap in the car. We got to Grandpa & Grandma’s house early Friday morning, and the kids were just so happy to be there.

Friday morning we pretty much just hung out and chatted, and Kyle and I made a trip to Burlington Coat Factory to get him a new suit. We stopped at the Burlington in Utah to get suits for the boys on the way out, but Kyle was having trouble finding a suit in his size there. So we went to the one in Fullerton. Kyle started off by looking at the vests. He didn’t want a vest that looked like it belonged with a tux, and we had to find one that fit him. So after we found a good looking vest, the fun of finding the rest of the suit that matched, began! We walked around the suit coats, and there didn’t seem to be much order to them. We would stop and look at any coat that looked close but weren’t having much luck. Then I walked to the back corner and found another one that looked like it might match so Kyle brought the vest over and it was a perfect match! It even had the same tags and was made by the same company. Then we had to find a pair of pants that matched AND that fit him….It seemed like we were asking too much. We walked up and down the aisles of suit pants. This time whenever I found something that looked similar I checked the tag to see if it was made by the same company or not, but I wasn’t finding anything. Then Kyle held up a pair that he found that were made by the same company, but they were too small! So we went back to searching. As Kyle walked away from where he had found the last pair, he noticed a pair of pants that totally didn’t match, that had fallen off the rod. So he turned around and decided to hang them back up on the rod, and right next to that pair was a pair of pants that matched the vest and coat that he had picked up AND they were the right size! He was so happy to find a matching set to make up a 3 piece suit.

After getting back to the house I quickly went to the bathroom to pump what I could and to get myself ready to go to the temple. Kyle stayed at my parent’s house to watch our kids while I went with my parents to the San Diego temple to meet Grandma Shirley there, since she was going through to receive her endowments. She seemed a bit disappointed that Kyle had not come with us, (but it was a good thing Kyle stayed at the house with the kids because Jenny came over and then all my sisters left to go get their nails done and that would have meant there would have been nobody at the house but my brothers to watch the kids, and that just wasn’t going to work- especially with Lydia being so young).

We got back to the house rather late (or maybe it just felt late since I hadn’t slept since Thursday morning…) and Charity and Michael and their kiddos had arrived and Liesl and Ian had come to the house to visit with Kyle and the kids while we were gone, and they were waiting for me so that Kyle and I could go with them on a double date. πŸ™‚ We went to a restaurant in Brea called Lucille’s that does bbq food Kyle and I got a platter to share and we had a nice evening spending some time with Liesl and Ian. I think I was a bit grumpy though considering Sandy was texting me about one of her bridesmaids picking Tyra and Dinah up early the next morning, and Kyle and I both didn’t feel good about that, and she just wasn’t understanding that. So that combined with the fact that I was super tired, I was being rather grumpy. πŸ˜›


See? My eyes look SO tired!

Saturday we spent most of the day either preparing for or being at Sandy and Robert’s wedding (which I will cover in a separate post), and we drove home Sunday.

We were all so wiped out from the trip that we slept in quite late Monday morning. Kyle wasn’t feeling very well either. We had tried to force ourselves out of bed to wake up at least Ethan and Tyra to get them off to school, but they slept soundly through my attempts and through Kyle’s. Finally they woke up around 10:30 and came out saying they were ready to go to school, and we had to tell them that the day was half over. They were so upset and asked “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Kyle and I had a good laugh at that since we had both tried, several times to wake them up but they just wouldn’t stir. So it was a good trip, exhausting, but good. We had a great time seeing everybody, and can’t wait to get together again (sometime AFTER school gets out for the summer so we can have more time to just hang out). πŸ™‚

May 202011

I’ll go inside someday

I’ll covenant with my Father

I’ll promise to obey….”

I Love to See the Temple, Children’s Songbook pg 95

Today, I went with my parents to the San Diego Temple. There we met my Grandma Shirley, to be with her as she went through to receive her endowment.

It was so awesome to be there with her while she attended the temple for the very first time. I remember when she was baptized, looking forward to the day she would go through the temple, and hoping I could go with her. Grandma had called earlier this week to say that she was going through the San Diego Temple on Wednesday. I felt so sad that she would be going through the temple RIGHT BEFORE I would be in Southern California. But then I guess my dad called her up and talked her into switching her appointment to Friday, so I could come too. πŸ™‚ I am, however, a bit bummed that I totally forgot to take my camera with me. I had wanted to get a picture of all of us with Grandma out front of the temple, but I had left it in my other bag and didn’t think about it until we were almost there.

Now we need to do the work required to be able to have her sealed to her parents, and to Grandpa Denzel, and then have dad and Uncle Frank sealed to them. And once again, I hope I can be there. πŸ™‚

May 192011

Kyle went back to work Monday, so I’ve been flying solo for the past few days. It hasn’t been so difficult, since Kyle helps get the older two ready and off to school before going to work, then he is home again in the evenings (I so could not have handled him working the two jobs at this point…) Lydia has been looking to me like her cheeks are a bit fuller. I have pretty much just been expressing milk after each feeding, then when it’s time to feed Lydia again I add two ounces of formula to whatever I had expressed and that’s what she gets. So this morning I took her to Valerie’s for a weight check. Of course that made me nervous. I mean I’ve been looking at her thinking her cheeks are looking a bit fuller but then I was afraid that I was only thinking that because I was wanting so bad for her to be gaining weight. I was afraid to put her on the scale only to find out that she’s still not gaining. But I took her anyways, and we waited our turn and when we put her on the scale we found that she has actually gained 12 ounces! So she went from 6 pounds even last week to 6lb 12 oz today! I’m so glad. Of course I’m still sad that I’m not making enough milk to feed her, that I had to supplement with formula to get her to that. But it’s better for her to be gaining weight, than it is for me to struggle and be unhappy because I can’t provide enough milk for her and watch her suffer with hunger. So I’ll just deal with it and try to stop beating myself up over that! πŸ™‚