Feb 232011


Laurel and I started building these shelves when the family all came over for the 4th of July last year. They are FINALLY finished, and I am SO excited!!!


Some of the rows are pretty tight, but hopefully that won’t be much of an issue. The shelves are slanted so that I can load cans from the back, but take cans for use from the front, so we are always using the oldest cans first. There isn’t much room in the storage room now, so the whole layout is going to need to be rearranged. But we were going to do that after the basement is finished anyways. 🙂 Now it’s SO much easier for me to look and see what we are out of. Love it.

Feb 192011

Referring to worcestershire sauce, Dinah (age 3) says “It smells deelicious! But it doesn’t taste very good.”

Later Kyle made a comment referring to the same above mentioned 3 year old “She is allergic to obedience. It makes her break out in a bad case of the naughties.”

Made me laugh.

Feb 152011

Ethan had his first Blue and Gold dinner for cub scouts tonight. He was mad when I told him that the other kids and I were going too, then Daddy showed up and we went as a family and Ethan was ok with that then. We got there and picked a table to sit at, and when Ethan’s friend Jacob arrived he came over to tell Ethan that he looks great in his uniform. We had dinner, and then they started passing out awards for the boys achievements. The very first boy called was Ethan. He had earned his bobcat. So Ethan went up there to claim that, then they asked for Ethan’s mother to come up. I was NOT expecting that. I was handed a pin and I was like what do I do with this? Sis Ball happened to be sitting at a table nearby and said it was for me, and that Ethan was supposed to pin it on me. Talk about being totally embarrassed. I am not one that likes being in the spotlight. Especially when I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing there. I handed Ethan the pin and told him to pin it on my shirt and he just looked at me like “what?” But he pressed it to my shirt and I finished pinning it on for him.


So here I am after being pinned looking embarrassed, but glad that that was over.


And here’s Ethan with his new patch for his uniform, now I get to figure out where it goes and put it on. (Yes Ethan did go up in front of everyone with food on his face….) And now it’s time to start working with him on some of his wolf requirements. 🙂

Feb 122011

A friend of ours offered to watch the kids for us tonight so Kyle and I could go out, so we decided to go have a ‘just for fun’ ultrasound at the place in the mall. Seeing the baby in the womb has always fascinated me. I just LOVE to watch the screen and SEE the baby move when I’m feeling the baby move. Tonight we also got to watch the baby opening and closing it’s mouth, which was so cool. We didn’t get any spectacular pictures of the baby’s face, as the baby’s hands were right there in front of it’s face the whole time. But of all the pictures we got I think I like this one the best:


Here you can see the baby peeking at you. Cute little forehead, the left eye, cute little button nose, a very round cheek and a set of lips, with the arm/hand right there under the face.

And here is a picture of the bottom of a foot:


Feb 092011

Monday I took Tyra to her eye appointment, and after testing her eyes, the doctor says that she is farsighted. And that means that she can see things that are far away better than she can see things close up. So she can see the board just fine but had difficulties seeing the book in front of her. SO she now has glasses for reading and close-up work.


This is so foreign to me. I’ve never had glasses (granted I’ve never had my eyes checked, but that’s because I feel I see just fine and have never felt a need to get my eyes checked), and it’s so weird for me to look at her and think, she needs glasses! I REALLY hope they help with her reading difficulties. The lady and the office was showing her all kinds of frames that were cute and different colors, and when I saw that they were picking frames I walked up and said “Where are the flexy frames?” I mean really I don’t need Tyra having a pair of glasses that one rough bonk will snap in half! She’s a kid! And she has several siblings! And she’ll be taking these too and from school. So I insisted that she pick from the flexible frames they had available, and when making out the final details Kyle decided to upgrade the lenses to the scratch resistant ones. 🙂 Of course we’ll teach her how to take care of her glasses, but you never can be too careful when you’re talking about a young forgetful kid!