Jun 302010

Our trip to California this year was more of an adventure than it was a vacation. First there was some shopping and we found out that one of our favorite stores at the Block in Orange isn’t there any more. 🙁 Then there was Tyra’s near drowning incident and her hospital stay. But we had SO much more happen while we were there:


Yes my baby sister graduated from high school on the 25th of June! Wow it’s still hard to believe she’s that old! Actually she’s 17, which is how old I was when I graduated from high school. But her graduation is the last one in our family, (at least until Ethan graduates as Dad pointed out) and we had gone to California every June for everyone elses high school graduations, so we just couldn’t miss the last one!!

Tiffs graduation

Actually Kyle did miss Tiffany’s graduation because he was at the hospital with Tyra. 🙁


Yes my wallet went missing. 🙁 Dad took me back to CHOC so that we could bring Kyle and Tyra home since she was being released, and as we were walking in the front doors dad said that I’d need my ID so the hospital can make me a tag so that I can get past security. So I went to my purse and my wallet wasn’t there! Dad said ‘What? You’re kidding?’ Really I wasn’t. My wallet wasn’t there. So I had to call Kyle and ask him to come down and help get me in while Dad called the house and asked mom to look in the room where Kyle and I were set up to see if my wallet had fallen out in there, and to check the van also. It wasn’t in either of those places. So Kyle ended up calling the banks and canceling all of my debit, and credit cards (and some of his in the process, because they shared the same numbers as my cards). And Kyle and I went back to the auditorium where Tiffany graduated to see if it had fallen out of my purse there. The auditorium was closed…and we couldn’t find a janitor or somebody to ask or to let us in. So we called a couple of the numbers that were posted at the box office and left some messages, and left.

Monday morning we just finished loading up the van. Had breakfast and then we got in the van and got on the freeway heading home, and right then Kyle’s cell phone started to ring. He answered it and it was someone from the auditorium saying they found my wallet! 🙂 And some keys….We hadn’t noticed any missing keys, but as the man described the set as having multiple flash drives and a car key with an H on it, Kyle’s eyes grew wider and wider. They were his keys! So since we had JUST got on the freeway, it was no big deal to turn around and go back to the auditorium. And I sat in the car with the kids while Kyle went in to claim my wallet and see if the keys were his. And they were. I’m just SOOOO glad we got my wallet and the keys back. I guess what had happened, is when we were there for the graduation I set my purse on the floor and got my camera out. But Chloe was being so squirmy that I wasn’t able to zip my purse shut. Then as the graduation started and Chloe was just crying and needed to fall asleep I went to go stand in the back. WHILE I was in the back, Dad said that the kids had been running back and forth down our row and during that time, my wallet and the keys must have been knocked out of my purse. But it was dark so nobody noticed. Then after the ceremony the lights came on and we picked up everything that we saw that had fallen out, but the wallet and keys must have been under the seats in front of us or something because we didn’t see them at all. But my purse didn’t feel too light or anything because I had both my camera and video camera, my phone, and palm, and Chloe’s bottle in my purse. So it was heavy and bulky and I didn’t even notice that my wallet wasn’t there until I needed it. But we got it back! And even though we replaced all of my cards that were in it I don’t have to replace my drivers license. 🙂 And the added bonus is that we didn’t get home THEN find Kyle’s keys missing. 😀


We had been tossing different ideas around for what to do with our Saturday in California, and we were leaning towards going to Knotts Berry Farm, since it’s a lot cheaper than Disneyland or Sea World….or any of the other places that we were considering. But after almost losing Tyra we decided to do something a little less crazy and just take the kids to see Toy Story 3. Dad thought that would be a great thing to take the kids and do, so we went with Jenny & Tom and their family and Tiffany, and Grandpa and Grandma to the movies. We got there early so we could get enough seats to sit together, but obviously we didn’t get there early enough. By the time we got there there was already a huge line of people waiting to get into the theater room that was showing Toy Story 3 (that is INSIDE the theater, this wasn’t the line to buy tickets, dad got those earlier in the day). When the cleaning crew let us in the seats filled quickly, and we frantically looked around for a group of about 13 seats, but Tom just walked up and we started taking some seats in one of the upper rows. There were two people on the end, I had the lucky pleasure of sitting next to them. And then we just filled in the rest of the available seats, but there weren’t enough. So Jennifer asked the people at the other end of the row if they would mind moving down a couple of seats so that we could all sit together, and they gladly obliged. The next group in though would NOT move, for ANYTHING. Jenny had politely asked them to scoot over so our group could sit together and this rude person responded with “Well you should have got here earlier” and a comment like that to Jennifer, means that she was NOT going to be nice back, she ended up flat out telling these people that they were being jerks, for being so rude. I guess they wanted the seats in the exact middle of the row, and that’s what they had and therefore, they were not going to move. So we just kind of lifted up the arm rests and had all the kids squish so that we had maybe 3 kids in 2 seats so we could sit together. And actually Mom & Dad sat somewhere else since they saw that there weren’t enough seats for all of the rest of us in our row.

The people that I sat next to offered to trade seats with Mom & Dad so that they could be with the group, but Mom & Dad were happy with the leg room that their seats provided and so they didn’t switch.

Then the movie began, which went pretty well. Aside from Tyra getting up and walking down to where Kyle and I were multiple times through the movie to ‘get a drink’. Kyle had to take Dinah out twice, once to wash her hands because she was sticky and once to take her potty. He also had taken Chloe out once because she was a giant sticky mess from the lolly pop that she had had. But other than that the movie was good, we really liked it. But towards the middle end of the movie, the lady sitting next to me, leaned over and said “It’s really hard to concentrate.” Then as she looked at Chloe whom I was holding at the time, “With the baby”. I just leaned back over and very sarcastically said “I’m REALLY sorry”. OK I am sorry, but it’s obvious that this lady does not have kids! Chloe wasn’t being loud or throwing a fit of any kind. However, she is still just a baby, she doesn’t understand being quiet (unless she’s sleeping) she doesn’t know how to sit still, she just wants to explore everything. So yes I admit that Chloe was squirming and making a bit of noise, she likes to try to ‘talk’ as every baby does. So I’m sorry that this lady was unable to “concentrate” on the KIDS movie that we were all there to see, it’s not like the movie was that complicated to follow… But Chloe was NOT being loud or obnoxious (because YES then would have taken her out to try to calm her down before coming back in) she was just being a baby and it makes me SO SAD that this lady seemed to expect my baby to act like an adult in a movie theater. And after this whole episode it became apparent to me that she had offered to switch seats with my parents because she didn’t want to sit anywhere near kids in the movie theater, and that is also sad.


Sunday evening we went over to Sandy’s boyfriend Robert’s apartment for dinner. And some of us got to walk across the street to check out Sandy’s studio apartment. We had a great time chilling together. My parents brought the x-box and had David set it up to keep the kids occupied by playing “Monkey Ball” I think they did that the entire time we were there and they only stopped to eat dinner. Then we decided to have everyone since “Happy Birthday” to Chloe since her birthday was just the weekend before.


So our trip this year was more of a stressful adventure than a vacation. And I’m ready to go on a real vacation now. 😛

Jun 252010

Note: Although a serious story, everyone survives in the end.


Wednesday we drove to southern California for a visit with my Family. We arrived there shortly after midnight, got the kids unloaded, showed them the various places that were available for them to lay down and we all went to sleep.

Thursday morning we spent the morning just being lazy. We got our clothes out of the van and got the kids dressed, and after awhile Kyle and I went to the supermarket to get some lunch foods to feed our kids. We came back fed the kids some lunch then Kyle and I went off to our favorite stores that we don’t have here in Utah, such as Fry’s Electronics, and Hilo Hati (which actually isn’t there anymore 🙁 ). When we got back to my parent’s house all the kids were in their bathing suits and they wanted to go in the pool, so I got my new bathing suit on, braided my hair and we went out to open the pool gate. My parent’s pool has two parts, the spa which is usually where the kids play because the little kids can stand on the seat in the spa and be above the water, and the bigger kids can stand on the floor and still be above water. And the pool which has a shallow end that is about 3 feet deep, and the deep end gets to 9 feet deep. The kids are always instructed to stay completely away from the deep end at all times. In the spa, Tyra decided to get brave, plug her nose, and put her head completely below the water. Then she came up and said “I did it! I went underwater!” She was so excited that she could hold her breath and put her head completely under the water.

After watching the kids for a little bit, my dad came out and handed me his cell phone. Jenny had tried calling my cell but, obviously, I was outside watching the kids in the pool and didn’t have my cell phone with me. So I talked to her for a bit. Then Kyle came outside with Chloe and I asked him to watch the kids in the pool while I went to return my dad’s cell phone to him. I went inside and gave it to him and then we started talking about what Jenny had wanted, and our plans for our trip….then Kyle came inside! Which freaked me out. I left him to watch the kids in the POOL! And he left them alone out there and came inside. So I relocated to the living room door that leads out to the pool because from there I could still talk to dad, but I could still see the kids and tell them when they are getting too close to danger and all that jazz. And after awhile Dad had to leave to go get Tiffany from school, and it was just Kyle, mom and I in the living room. Kyle and I both were standing by the back door watching the kids in the pool.

This is where the rest of the day gets fuzzy. I turned to Kyle and asked him to watch the kids while I went to go get some popsicles to entice them to come out of the pool for awhile. Then I went to the garage to get the popsicles, then I went out the family room door which is closer to the pool gate and that’s where the picnic table is. I called the kids telling them that it was popsicle time. Ethan came from inside the house, and Dinah and Jeremy came running from the pool area. But Tyra didn’t come. So I figured she was playing and being stubborn so I went to get her. That’s when I saw that she was in the middle/deep area of the shallow end (so now she was in water deeper than 3 feet but still nowhere near the deep end of the pool). At first it looked like she was standing on the bottom of the pool, which made me think that she was practicing her standing underwater trick that she learned earlier that afternoon. So I called to her, and she didn’t respond. Then I noticed that she appeared to be starting to float, and I thought to myself that maybe she had figured out how to swim. I had never taken swimming lessons, I had been taught by mom, dad, and grandpa Zig some basics then I figured the rest out on my own. But then she wasn’t coming up for air, her arms were floating away from her body, and then I saw the bubbles coming up from her mouth! That’s when I jumped in. Kyle said that I was by her side in one stoke (which isn’t hard to do jumping off the pool steps into the shallow end). And I don’t remember ANYTHING from the time I jumped into the water to the time that Tyra was sitting on the concrete pool deck after I got her out. Kyle says that I just swept her up and nearly flew out of the pool. I vaguely remember Kyle taking Tyra from me, he was holding Chloe though so I don’t know what he did with her. He put her up on his shoulder then hugged her pretty tight so see if that would help get some of the water out of her. She threw up a lot of water over his shoulder. I called my mom while Kyle had Tyra. She didn’t realize that I NEEEDED HER so she went to the other room to put the baby that she baby sits down before heading out to the pool to find out what I needed. Kyle set Tyra down on the concrete. I can’t remember if she was conscious or not when I pulled her out of the water, but when he set her down she was sitting, not laying limp…but she could not stand, she was too weak. I noticed that her lips were turning blue and that she was foaming at the mouth. But after the first initial water vomit, she started screaming “I can’t breathe!” Which of course the simple fact that she was screaming indicated to me that she WAS in fact getting air now which was somewhat comforting to me. When mom finally got over to us, she picked Tyra up and used her legs to help Tyra stand, and she bent over and wrapped her arms around Tyra and started to feel for a heartbeat, which she said that she did not feel at all. She proceeded to massage Tyra’s tummy because it was quite hard, and when Tyra relaxed her tummy to inhale, mom would use that moment to do the Heimlich maneuver to try to get the water out. I stood there watching, just full of the jitters. I didn’t know what to do. I thought of doing the Heimlich but then thought, there isn’t anything stuck halfway down so what would that do??? But after a few minutes of watching mom with Tyra, Tyra threw up a whole bunch of water (and a couple of apple pieces from her lunch….), then mom said Tyra’s heart beat went from non-existent to racing.

After that we led Tyra over to the picnic table, got all the other kids out of the pool fence and locked the gate. I wrapped Tyra in a towel and mom sat her on her lap. And I’m actually amazed that the popsicles didn’t melt during this whole ordeal. But I passed out popsicles to Ethan, Jeremy, Dinah and Chloe, while mom got Tyra dressed, and Kyle called the insurance to find out where to take her, because mom felt that she should be monitored (considering her heart beat was NOT there, then it went crazy) and I felt that she should be checked to make sure we got all the water out of her lungs. The insurance gave him the phone numbers for two urgent care clinics and he proceeded to call them. The first stops taking patients at about 4, and by this time it was about 4:15. So he went on to call the other one they were available until 7pm. They gave him directions and since I was wet and still really flustered over the whole incident, Kyle took Tyra, while I stayed at the house to help watch the rest of our kids.


The doctor was at the Lincoln/State College shopping center, where we spent countless hours shopping in my youth.  The drive seemed to take forever, and Tyra kept trying to doze off in the van, but I didn’t want her falling asleep not knowing if that would have negative effects on her, so I talked to her the whole drive, to keep her awake.  We got to the doctor and they got us inside immediately.  He was a nice middle eastern man, who said Tyra seemed okay, and did some tests (checked her Oxygen levels, and even did a chest x-ray), and thought she was okay, but still didn’t feel confident with sending her home after her ordeal, so he asked us to wait around while he observed her.

Tyra sat patiently, with the Oxygen sensor on her big toe (better reading), asking why we were there, and if we could escape.  I told her no, and tried to explain what the doctor was doing.  He eventually came back, and suggested I take her to the ER for proper observation, and suggested I use the Anaheim Regional Medical Center, on La Palma and West (we drove by there almost every day of my life, and we never had to go inside).  I drove Tyra there, this time putting her in the front seat so I could keep a better eye on her.  She started frantically saying she had to pee, and we got to the hospital and I brought her inside the ER, to get her to the toilet just on time.

I didn’t enjoy the stay in the ER at all.  I went back out and waited in the line with other people, to be told to fill out a clipboard with some basic information.  They said they’d call me up, but it took over an hour before they did.  Looking around the room, I had a hard time not feeling critical about the other people in there, most of them having no apparent problems.  There was a man in a wheelchair who was throwing up (he arrived when Tyra was peeing), but no other signs of anyone with an emergency.  While we sat, Tyra’s temperature started to rise, and she fell asleep in my arms, even though I tried to keep her awake.  I grew impatient waiting for everyone else in that room to be called in before they called me up to the window to ask why I was there, then had me sit down; then called me into a room to ask why I was there (and to tell me Tyra had a fever, and give her children’s tylenol), then send me back out to wait again, promising we’d be next to be seen.

Finally, after two hours of sitting in the waiting room, they called us back and gave Tyra a bed, then asked her to do a urine test, and took some blood. (the needle turned out to be an IV needle that they used to give her antibiotics)  I sat there while they reviewed the tests, and looked at the x-ray I brought, and said they needed to do another one, so they wheeled Tyra down to the x-ray room to have her sit on an x-ray bed, and take a couple of her chest, then brought her back to the main room to wait.  There really wasn’t that much to mention, and I started feeling tired after the long ordeal, then having to sit there doing nothing while they checked the results.  She wanted to escape again.  I put on So You Think You Can Dance, so she could be slightly distracted (no good shows on the TV there), and eventually they said they wanted her to spend the night in CHOC, since their hospital didn’t have capabilities to look after children.

Hindsight: if we had simply called 911 at the beginning, we could have avoided most of the hassle of that night.  We had no idea what would have happened, of course.


I pretty much sat in the living room almost the whole time Kyle and Tyra were gone. Mom kept coming in to see if there was any information. It was driving us both crazy to not know what was going on. Mom ended up starting dinner late, since they didn’t have enough bratwurst for everyone and dad had to go buy a couple more packages before mom would get it started. But while Dad was at the store I asked Tiffany to get started on washing and chopping the potatoes. Needless to say, dinner was very late that night and Jeremy, Dinah and Chloe were all asleep before it was ready. So really dad didn’t need to buy two more packages of bratwurst (one more probably would have been enough). I had my phone with me at the dinner table and just a few minutes after I started eating dinner he texted me saying “Can you get down here? They want to transfer her to CHOC in Orange for the night. I don’t know if I can stay the whole night but don’t want to leave the megavan.” I read the text out loud and Dad jumped out of his chair ready to take me. I ran and got my purse and we were on our way. On the way I asked dad if he would help give Tyra a blessing, since I figured that thought probably hadn’t even crossed Kyle’s mind.

We got to the hospital and dad let me out at the ER entrance so that I could go in while he parked the car. I spoke to the man at the counter. He told me which bed Tyra was in and then let me in through the door.


She looked so pathetic sitting there on her bed, in a tiny hospital gown with an IV in one arm and an oxygen sensor on a finger of her other hand. I sat there for a couple of minutes while Kyle told me what has happened during the afternoon, then I told him that I would like for him and Dad to give Tyra a blessing, but that meant that I had to go back out to the waiting room and let dad in since they wouldn’t let him in too because Tyra already had two visitors. After the blessing Dad came back out to the waiting room so that I could go back to Tyra. Kyle said that the doctors were just waiting for CHOC to call back. They were waiting for a bed to open up. Of course Kyle and I were thinking “how likely is it for them to release a child from the hospital this late at night so that a bed will be open for Tyra????” Since dad was waiting and I didn’t want him to be sitting out there completely in the dark and not knowing what’s going on with us in the ER, I sent Kyle out to tell Dad that we are sitting here waiting for a phone call from CHOC before they can move her. Kyle was gone a few minutes when a few people walked up to Tyra’s bed and said that they were her transport from CHOC!!! So they started asking me a few questions. Some of which I didn’t have the answers for since Kyle had been the one with her the whole time she was in urgent care and in the ER. So I asked them if I could go out and let him know that they were here. I went out to the waiting room. And Kyle and Dad WEREN’T there! So I was looking around just to make sure in my excited state that I hadn’t just not seen them, and the security guard said “they went that way” and pointed to the door. Which I thought was really odd, because I had not seen that security guard at all in the times that I had been in the waiting room, and how could he possibly know WHO I was looking for when he had not seen me with dad or me with Kyle. But I figured I might as well go where he pointed and look rather than stand there in the waiting room looking like an idiot.

Kyle and Dad had gone outside to the van to get some Tylenol for Kyle’s headache. And I saw them on their way back to the waiting room. I told Kyle to hurry because the CHOC transport was here (which I guess should have been obvious to him since he was walking past the CHOC ambulance at the moment). But we went back into the waiting room and the security guard would not let us back into the ER until we had these cheap paper bracelets on saying what day we were here….I guess they were just to show security WHO was allowed in the ER. It didn’t matter to him that we told him that she’s getting in an ambulance and going to CHOC right now! He insisted on putting the bracelets on THEN he let us in. When we got back to Tyra’s bed they started asking Kyle questions and one of us moved Tyra from the ER bed to the ambulance gurney. They proceeded to seat belt her onto it, and her ER nurse came over to say bye to her (since Tyra is so bubbly that she makes friends everywhere she goes). And we were off. I offered to relieve Kyle since he had been with her all afternoon, so I rode in the front of the ambulance while Kyle took the van back to my parent’s house.

The ride to CHOC was slow and uneventful. Her transport team parked unloaded her and wheeled her into the hospital still on the gurney. We went up in the elevator to the 5th floor, and her room was room 517. She was lucky to get the room right next to the play room. 🙂 The transport team unbuckled her from the gurney and had me pick her up and move her to the hospital bed. Her nurses came in shortly after we got there and they hooked her oxygen sensor up to the monitor and they showed her how to push the button to get help from a nurse. And they showed her which button to push to turn on the light. They brought me some water and asked me to them what had happened that afternoon, so I had to relive the whole incident for every nurse, every assistant and every doctor that came in. Which considering the time of night that we got there it was just too late for all this. The nurse got Tyra some of those cool hospital socks to keep her toes warm (and to help keep her from slipping on the way to the bathroom). Then they left saying the doctor would be in, in a little bit. I think it was about 1:30 in the morning when the doctor came in. I had to relive the incident for her as well then she went on to listen to Tyra’s lungs, and then ANOTHER doctor came in. She started asking me questions and I asked her if I had to retell the story YET AGAIN for her and she said “no that’s ok I’ll just get it from her” But then she proceeded to ask me questions that the answers would not have made any sense if I didn’t tell her WHAT HAPPENED. So I ended up having to repeat the story for her too. Then she proceeded with the other Dr to check Tyra out. Tyra of course by this point was asleep, and the doctor was concerned when Tyra wasn’t responding to them. HELLO it’s 1:30 in the morning! And Tyra hadn’t had a nap that day she was downright tired. So the Dr felt better when I said that she was responding just fine while she was at the urgent care and the ER and that she’s just REALLY tired right now. I also mentioned to the Dr that the ER Dr said she had an ear infection. And both of these Dr’s took a look and said it looked kind of red like it was irritated but there was no puss, so there was no infection. Then after the Dr’s left I tried to get some sleep too.

In the morning her nurse and nurse’s assistant came in around 6:00 or so to change her sheets, so that she would have dry sheets.  I don’t know how they knew that she wets the bed, or maybe it’s that they work with a lot of children and sometimes children just wet the bed so they just automatically change the sheets for everyone in the early hours of the morning??? But after they changed her bedding they put some cute little pants on her that matched her little hospital gown. Then she went back to sleep, since 6:00 was just too early to be waking up considering how little sleep we got that night.


Her new nurse came on at 7 that morning and they got me a menu so I could order her breakfast, and they gave a couple of beany babies, and a packet of coloring pages and a handful of crayons, and some stickers, and they gave her a cute fairy book to read. Dad brought Kyle down to sit with Tyra again so that I could go to Tiffany’s high school graduation and they arrived shortly after they brought Tyra’s breakfast up. Kyle stayed with her until they released her that afternoon around 3 or so.  She had so much fun in the playroom though that she didn’t want to go home. The only part of going home that she was really looking forward to was the fact that they were going to take her IV out. But they would NOT do that until very last.

While Kyle was out of the room taking care of release papers and that kind of thing, I asked Tyra if she remembered what had happened in the pool. She said “I was trying to get the bucket, but it floated away, so I walked towards it, then the ground disappeared, and I started to sink, and I was in the water for 15 minutes.” I know that she wasn’t in the water for 15 minutes so I told her she was only in the water for maybe a minute or two, but when you’re scared a minute can feel like forever.

Later when talking to Kyle about the incident, I was retelling the story how I know it, but he told me that when I said that I was going to get popsicles he thought I was getting them because the kids were out of the pool and he didn’t realize they were still in the water. So he wasn’t watching them like I had asked him to. I guess he was listening for them, but wasn’t physically watching them. And since Tyra basically walked into the water and went under there was no sound to indicate that she was in trouble.

I’m just glad that I went out there when I did, and was able to get her out. I’m glad that she’s still here with us. I’m not angry that this happened. I understand that there must be opposition in all things. We cannot know what it is to be happy and have joy unless we know what the opposite feels like. Without feeling the fear of losing her, I could not fully feel the joy of having her still be with us. And I’m SO glad that this won’t be my last post about Tyra. 😉

Jun 202010



Kyle and I have been thinking of upgrading our minivan for awhile now. We did research online of the different 12 passenger vans available. We decided to go check out a used 2009 Chevy Express at a dealership in Murray. The dealership was actually right down the street from the cemetery where Grandpa Lars and Nana are buried.

The dealership didn’t actually have it when we got there, they said it was at their other location. But the salesman was willing to go get it and bring it back so we wouldn’t have to drive all the way to the other dealership. So we got some lunch, and headed over to the cemetery for a bit. Then when the salesman called back to say he was almost back we loaded the kids back up and headed back to the dealership. When the van got there I got to take it for a test drive around the block. Then I switched with Kyle so he could have a turn to take it around the block. Then we dropped the salesman off at the dealership and Kyle got the ok to take it for a drive on the freeway.

We actually spent the rest of the day at the dealership. Poor Chloe spent her birthday at the dealership instead of at home with a cake. But we went through having the dealer test drive our minivan to give us a trade in quote, and Kyle spent a good chunk of time on the phone with his mom to see if she was serious about buying our van (she had expressed an interest in it). Kyle spent the better part of the phone call trying to get a straight answer out of her, which left me to watch 5 kids and answer all the salesman’s questions. I kept telling him that I wasn’t going to make ANY decisions without Kyle. Yes, I would be the primary driver of the van but I wasn’t buying it by myself! But I did flat out tell the salesman that we are trying to keep the payments at $250 or lower and we didn’t want a loan that was longer than 60 months. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I said that. But long story short, Karen did decide to buy our van and offered us $5000 which was a couple hundred more than the dealer would give us for a trade in. In addition to that we had $3600 for a down, so with that the $21,000 before taxes and fees was brought down to $13,300 that we had to finance and our payments will be about $247. Which is just awesome! 🙂 It was previously a rental van and had about 15,000 miles on it. It’s still under the factory warranty, and now the kids can sit where ever they want instead of being squished together like the three on the back seat of the mini van were.

My parents had a 15 passenger van, that Ethan nick named the monster van. So since this van only seats 12 we decided to call it the MegaVan. Ethan really likes that name because there is a video game that he likes to play called MegaMan. 😉

Jun 172010

Growing up, television was an event.  You didn’t have the ability to record shows, or watch whatever you want, whenever you wanted.  When Star Wars was first broadcast on the movie channels, we literally spent the entire day bouncing between the movie channels, as soon as one ended, to start watching the next broadcast of another one (or coming in half-way through the movie).  I think I blame Nana (my maternal grandmother) for this love.

I remember Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and Battlestar Galactica, as the two shows we loved to watch with Nana.  She had audio tape recordings of the shows that we would listen to on occasion, and I remember her listening to them years later.  I remember being at her apartment to watch the show, or even the rare occasion when we’d go out to eat at a pizza place, and they’d be showing episodes of it.

Battlestar Galactica was one of those unforgettable shows.  It was created by an LDS person, and some of the concepts of the show had unique religious aspects to them.  I can still remember how they had visits from guys dressed in white, they had a counsel of twelve people who helped make decisions, they had eternal marriage, and how they were remnants of 12 tribes that were lost in space, looking for that remaining tribe on Earth.  Not all aspects of the show were based strictly on LDS beliefs (there were a lot of ancient Roman/Greek names, a Mayan sport, etc), but in general, it was something else.

Rebecca had decided to start watching our movie collection in alphabetical order, as often the kids like watching the same things all the time, and we know they’d love more if they just had the chance.  So when they reached the B’s and got into the DVD set of Battlestar Galactica, let’s just say, they were HOOKED.  For a week, that’s all they watched, and on Friday, they went through a full day, up until midnight.  I’m glad this series from 30 years ago still has much to offer. 🙂

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