Apr 302010

Rebecca and I were working on a long post about our Easter weekend adventure in cake balls, that I finally finished.


Let’s just say that 11 flavours of cake balls, plus an ice cream cake and round wedding cakes made for 15 different pan-fulls of cake, and dozens of eggs and other ingredients being consumed all within a single week.  My wife might have her lazy moments (usually occurs between 3-6am, give or take an hour) but she certainly pulled out all the stops on getting these made.

Of course, I helped.


As did her family. Since they were in town for the wedding, we had something of an assembly line going for rolling, dipping, decorating, then packaging these items.

I suspect she’ll make a fine business lady, should she ever get into this professionally.

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Apr 292010

Chloe has figured out how to pull herself up to a stand this past week, and would stand up once in a while. Today she has been pulling herself up to a stand all morning! She’s getting better at it and you can tell her legs are getting stronger, and she’s balancing a bit better. So exciting!


Apr 272010


Dinah has decided that it’s time for potty training. She is 2 1/2 and a couple of weeks ago she decided she has had enough of diapers, and wanted to wear undies, and she is doing really great! She has had a handful of accidents total, over the past couple of weeks. She will usually have an accident when she is playing outside or something and she totally forgets she’s wearing undies and not a diaper, but hey she’s outside so it’s no big deal. 🙂 I have been putting her in a diaper for naptime and bedtime, just because I don’t expect her to potty train for waking and sleeping hours all at once. It’s been our experience that daytime training is much easier than sleeping time training. And staying dry through the night just comes with time. But last night she insisted on wearing her undies to bed, and rather than fight it out, I let her….SHE WOKE UP DRY!!! She was so excited and I was so happy, and quite surprised that she did it. She is in undies again tonight, but she did wet the bed during naptime, so we’ll see how she does, in the morning. It’s so exciting to be down to only one kiddo in diapers (although I do wish Tyra would stop wetting the bed).

Apr 262010

Families from no manual or anything just basically from Kyle’s head 😉

Opening song: “A Happy Family” Children’s Songbook pg 198

Opening prayer: Dinah, then Tyra (Dinah has to pray first EVERY TIME)

Lesson: Given by Daddy

Activity: Textures place a piece of paper on a rough surface, and rub the paper with the side of a naked crayon and check out the pattern made on the paper. This was a fun experiment for the kids, and they really enjoyed watching the different patterns show up on the paper.

Closing song:

Closing prayer:

Apr 262010

BICYCLE! BICYCLE! BICYCLE! I want to ride my bicycle! 😉

We opened up the garage on Saturday and dusted off the bikes and pumped up the tires, and the kids rode up and down the street, over and over and over….. So tonight Kyle decided to take the kids over to the school so they can ride around on the pavement at their own paces. Jeremy and Dinah are very slow, but we are SO excited that they both learned to pedal on Saturday. And Ethan and Tyra, having had much more practice can go much faster than the little ones. So Kyle figured the school yard would be the perfect place to go so they could all ride around as much as they wanted, as fast or as slow as they wanted, without the little ones holding everybody up because they are so slow. 😉 Of course as soon as they got to the school yard, the little ones jumped off their bikes and ran for the playground. But Ethan, Tyra and Kyle rode around. I’m so glad that Kyle has finally had a chance to use the bike I got him for Christmas. It’s been too cold and too snowy for him to get out on his new bike before now.

Well as Ethan was riding on the pavement he heard a clink and he turned around to look and his last training wheel had fallen off (the other one had fallen off months ago and we refused to put it back on hoping that it would encourage him to ride without them). But he just kept riding! Ethan has graduated to riding a bike without training wheels!


And the most exciting part is that he did it all on his own. I am also VERY glad that he didn’t freak out and insist that he NEEDED that training wheel (which is what happened when the other one fell off.) Good times 🙂

He wanted me to take a picture of him riding standing up, so here’s the best shot I got: