Jan 062010

Ethan was born 6 January 2003 on his cousin Alex’s birthday. You can find his whole birth story here. He was born just a few weeks before Kyle’s dad died of a brain tumor. His dad actually held on just to see Ethan. We had Ethan’s baby blessing at Kyle’s parent’s house in Anaheim just so that Grandpa Lars could be a part of it. And right after the baby blessing Grandpa Lars asked for a blessing of release.


Three Generations of Andelin Men. 🙂


When Ethan was about 6 months old we moved to Utah. So he only lived in California for a small fraction of his live. Look at those adorable big blue eyes.


I love this picture of Ethan just before a haircut. I LOVE those curls.


Here he is so proud of his watermelon from our family garden.


And now my baby boy is 7! One more year and he’ll be old enough to be baptized! I can hardly believe it. I love him so much, and I hope that as he grows older he will be able to see how much I love him.