Jul 312009

While Kyle and I were dating, there was a time that I went to Kyle’s house, and was waiting in the living room for him. Nobody else was in the living room, but his dad. And his dad was sitting in the corner of the room in his chair, sucking jello (with chunks of fruit in it) through a straw. It made the weirdest sound. But here the legacy continues…..


We went to chuck-a-rama for dinner and when it was time for dessert, Kyle started drinking jello through a straw. Then he taught our boys how to suck jello through a straw. Here is a good one of jeremy giving it a try:


Jul 312009

Dad said that he wanted to take us to Chuck-a-Rama for dinner tonight, since he heard that Ethan really likes that restaurant. So when Kyle got home tonight, Tyra ran up to him and excitedly said ‘Daddy, we are going to Chuck-a-grandma tonight!” SO FUNNY

Jul 312009

We went with my family to the Oquirrh Mountains Temple open house this morning. Kyle got permission to be late to work, so that he could come with us. And Debby spent the night with us so that she would be here in the morning to be able to get to the temple nice and early.

The temple was beautiful, and it was so nice to be there with the family. I think this picture of Dad with Dinah is just so precious:


Here is a shot of MOST of us that went:CIMG2027

(There are more pictures in the photo gallery)

Jul 302009

We bought a swing set before Chloe was born, and it has just been hanging out in it’s box in the garage. Last weekend I insisted that we get it out to the backyard and start putting it together. (We didn’t buy a swing set to have it stay in it’s box!) We got the frame put up on the weekend, and hooked the swings onto it, but it got dark before we could finish the lawn swing. So last night we got the lawn swing finished and the glider put up. This morning while the kids were having fun on the swings I put the slide together and got it hooked up to the set all by myself, and my family arrived for a visit this afternoon. 🙂 Well after everyone napped Grandpa went outside to watch the kids having fun on the swing set, then he asked me for the instructions to put the teeter totter together. It was just so special to have him want to help on the swing set, I wanted to take a picture. But I didn’t find my camera until he was almost done, so this is the best (and only) shot I got:


After dad finished, Ethan walked out into the yard proclaiming “The swing set is complete!”

Jul 232009

My mom gave us her carpet cleaner years ago, and I just loved it. It wasn’t good for small jobs, but we would haul it out once in awhile to do all of our carpet. You would fill the one side with water, and add a little bit of carpet soap, and turn it on. It would spray the carpet and suck as much water as it could back up into a separate bucket. Well last October when Sandy was here for a visit, she tried using the cleaner for something, and the vacuum worked, but the pump (that sprays the water didn’t). I was SO sad. I have used this machine many times and liked to see the clean carpet when I was all done with the machine. Well I asked my mom how old it was since we’ve had it for as long as I can remember. She said that she can’t remember when she got it, but they had it while we were still living in the house in Fullerton. My family hasn’t lived there for 15 years, so that means the machine is OLDER than 15 years.

Kyle got a few bonuses at work that he had been accumulating and saving and we decided to use them to get a new carpet cleaner (he gets bonuses in the form of Amazon gift certificates, which is cool when we want to buy something, but if we wanted to use the money towards paying off the car or putting towards savings we can’t) So I went to Amazon.com to check out carpet cleaners.  After looking at what Bissell, Dirt Devil and Hoover had to offer we chose a Bissell. My mom’s machine was a Bissell, I’ve had good experiences with Bissell, and looking at the specs on all the different machines I looked at this machine just looked to be the best. So….. goodbye old Bissell that has worked so well and lived a good long life, and HELLO! new pretty purple Bissell. You have some HIGH standards to keep up with. 😉CIMG1986

I’m sure you can tell what I’M going to be doing over the next few weeks. 😛