Feb 252009

For family home evening this week, we went to the Draper Temple open house. The kids were so excited that they would get to go INSIDE the temple and see what it’s like. We met Kyle in town and drove from there to the church where we were to park. First they showed a video about temples in general, and it talked about some of the history of the Draper, Utah area. Kyle ended up missing the first part of the video because as we were sitting there waiting for it to start, Tyra, Jeremy and Ethan all decided they needed to go potty. When the video was over we went out and got on a bus, to be taken up to the temple.

The kids got really excited to be on the bus. They have never been on a bus before. I sat next to Tyra with Dinah on my lap, and Kyle had Jeremy on his lap and sat next to Ethan. Tyra’s eyes got SO big as the bus started to move, and Dinah’s eyes got big too and she just looked so concerned like ‘what is going on?’ She didn’t fuss or anything but she seemed to get closer and closer to me as the ride went on.

The bus dropped us off in the temple’s parking lot and from there we had to walk through a long tent to get to the temple doors. Thankfully the tent was heated because it’s still cold here in Utah, even though it has been warmer, it’s still cold. The kids were all really excited about getting to go through this really long tent too. (Just so many new and exciting experiences today).

We got to the end of the tent, and entered the temple and it was just so awesome. The kids were just so excited to be there and see how pretty it was inside. They had questions about everything they saw. It was just so wonderful to be there in the temple as a family, teaching our kids about why we come and what we do there. 🙂 They got to see the font where we do baptisms for the dead, and the endowment rooms, and the celestial room, and the sealing rooms, where families are bound together for eternity. They got to see the mirrors on each side of the sealing room and see how when you look into them, you see yourself and your family going on forever and ever. Such a wonderful opportunity to take them and teach them about the temple. This was the first temple open house I had been to too. Kyle had been to a couple, but we were living in Utah when the Newport Beach Temple had it’s open house, and I wasn’t able to (even though I wanted to) make a trip to California to see it.

After we went through the temple we left through the front doors and went through another long tent to another chapel, where they had some cookies, and from there we had to load the bus again to get back to the church where we had parked our car. And to finish the evening off, we went to Ihop for dinner. 🙂

Feb 252009

I took Tyra today to get her some new church shoes. The ones she has are too small, and have been too small for awhile. So we went to the shoe store and picked out a cute pair of black, and a cute pair of white shoes. We got them a bit big so they would last a good long time too. 😉 Tyra is so excited, she loves nice and pretty things.

Feb 252009

Well we finally upgraded Tyra to that new car seat we got her awhile ago. We have been trying to get her to learn out to buckle her own seat belt and she just hasn’t been able to get it. So I weighed her and she was close enough to 40 pounds that I just switched the carseats for her. So now she can buckle herself, which she still has difficulty with, but she CAN do it.

Feb 232009

Well I took Tyra down to the school today, and got her pre-registered for Kindergarten! Basically all we did was fill out the new student form and they made a copy of her birth certificate, then they gave me the packet of papers I need to fill out and bring back in August for the official registration. But Tyra was really excited that we were registering HER for kindergarten. She actually thought that she would be starting today, but I had to tell her she won’t be starting until after the baby is born. 😉

Feb 222009

Well we missed family home evening last week because Kyle wasn’t feeling well, and Wednesday I had a meeting to go to, so we were just planning on doing the lesson today. Well after dinner, we were getting the kids in pjs and were going to go have family home evening right after that. But Dinah wasn’t feeling well at all. She was coughing and had a runny nose, and hadn’t eaten hardly anything all day (we fed her, she just wouldn’t eat) and it turned out that she had a fever. So Kyle decided it was time to call the after hours doctor, and they said to bring her in right away. So we told the kids to get their blankets, and we loaded them up in the car (hoping that they would fall asleep on the drive and that would make bedtime much easier). The clinic was in Provo and we rushed down there to get there before they closed for the night. We got there with about 20 minutes to spare, and Kyle took Dinah in. The doctor listened to her chest and said that it didn’t sound like she had RSV, and checked the rest of her out, and found an infection in her left ear, poor thing. 🙁 So he gave her a prescription for amoxicillin, and we headed home. Every Rite Aid and Walgreens we passed were closed! (I thought they were 24 hour pharmacies, at least they used to be). And finally we noticed one of them had a sign saying that the nearest 24 hour Walgreens was down in Provo. We were just down there! So frustrating. We ended up coming home and giving Dinah some Ibuprofin to help ease the pain through the night, and in the morning I will be making a trip to a pharmacy.