Oct 312008

This is the whole reason for my trip to California a couple weeks ago. To make Civil War era underwear for under our Southern Belle dresses. And here they are:


Oct 312008

This is the day we have been waiting for. The kids are so excited and have had such a good day. I woke up early this morning to get myself ready for the day, and while I was ironing my skirt Kyle woke the kids up to get them fed and dressed so Ethan wouldn’t be late to school.

Ethan was a bumble bee, Tyra was a poodle, Jeremy was Snoopy and Dinah was Tenderheart care bear.


Sandy, Wendy and I were southern belles, complete with old fashioned underwear, and hoop skirts.


After school we picked Ethan up and came home and the kids all wanted to change costumes. So Ethan was a pumpkin, Tyra was a unicorn, Jeremy was a dragon, and Dinah was still Tenderheart care bear.


Then we headed off to meet Kyle at his second job for the Halloween party there, but he got stuck on a phone call at his first job, so that fell through. SO we drove over to his first job and waited for him to get off the phone so he could get us in the building for Trick or Treating. The kids had so much fun. I think Jeremy got the most candy. He would just walk up to a bowl on a desk or chair and look in and say “ummmmmmm. THIS ONE! annnnnnd THIS ONE!” Ya so he is cute 😉 Dinah had fun and knew exactly what we were putting in her pumpkin and insisted on having lollypops while we walked around from desk to desk. Ethan and Tyra were typical kids walking from desk to desk taking a candy and saying “OOOOO look what I got 😀 ”

After Trick or Treating Sandy and I brought the kids back home while Kyle finished up at work and he had Wendy with him so they could go pick up Wendy’s friend who is spending the night. We had pizza delivered for dinner, which arrived shortly after Sandy and I and the kids got home. Then after Kyle, Wendy and her friend Jen got home we took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood so they could see their friends and show off their costumes. We didn’t get to carving our pumpkins which makes me sad. I was hoping to get everyone together so we could do it together, but it just didn’t happen this year. I also wanted to make caramel apples, but that also didn’t work out today. But it was a busy and fun day. 🙂

Oct 302008


We have got all the weeds plucked, and there is no possible way for us to throw all these weeds away in our garbage can in a reasonable amount of time, so Kyle really wanted to get a burn permit and burn them instead. He went down to the fire department, last Friday, to get the permit and a couple fire men came over to see what we intended to burn. But we could not start burning until we had a ‘green burn day’ and the permit was only good for one day, so once we started burning we needed to finish that day. Every day this week I have been calling the ‘burn line’ to see if it’s a ‘green burn day’ and they have ALL been ‘no burn days’, until today! 😀 So I called Kyle at work and told him it’s a  ‘green burn day’ he came home early and we got to work burning weeds (I held the hose ready to put the fire out if it got too big 😉 ). He stayed home from his second job tonight so we could finish, because the permit was only good for today now that we had started burning, and the fire had to be extinguished by dark. And we burned all those weeds. 🙂 Now we both smell like smoke but the job is done. 🙂

Oct 292008

We have a total of 8 cats in the house: Boo has been our cat for almost 4 years, Diva was Debby’s cat but she gave her to Wendy and the other 6 just came to us by chance. Basically back in March of this year, a cat showed up on the back step and just sat here staring at me, every day she was here, and the longer she hung out in our yard, the larger her belly got, so I knew that she was pregnant. Once I figured she was pregnant I put a kennel out on our porch to give her some shelter, since she wanted IN our house so badly and I wasn’t going to let her in, but I wasn’t going to be mean. Our neighbor that lives straight behind us put a collar on her and a phone number and a little inscription that said “Is this yur cat? Plz call….” well you guessed it, nobody called. One month to the day after this cat showed up in our yard she had 5 babies in the kennel on our front porch. They happened to be born the same day Kyle threw a turkey leg in the kennel for the kitty to nibble on 😛 . Well I couldn’t just leave them out there. The poor kittens would die in the cold night. So I brought the whole kennel in the house. I had to warm up a couple of the kittens, 3 of them were nursing the other 2 had been pushed away, I guess because they were too cold to move so the momma must have thought they were dead already or just weren’t going to make it. I warmed up some towels and just held and rubbed them until they started moving and were dry, then I gave them back to the momma. Well so from that point on we had 8 cats. I kept them in the house because I figured that was better than sending them all back outside to start the process of more unwanted kittens being born all over again. Sandy really wants the kittens. She drove up a few months ago to see them. And today she and Wendy took all the cats to have them spayed and neutered. They are just miserable now, but who could blame them. Actually they took Boo to be neutered too, but he didn’t have any parts!!! How crazy is that? So the vet was nice and they didn’t charge anything for taking Boo in aside from the fees for his vaccines. So he lucked out big time. 🙂

Oct 282008

Sandy has flown up for a visit and will be here for the week. The kids just love having her around and want her for everything. They are so cute. And Sandy really likes being around the little kitties in the basement, and they LOVE the attention and treats that she passes out 😉