Jul 292015

Ethan received three more merit badges at the court of honor tonight. He received Reading, Wilderness Survival, and Cooking. I was expecting him to be getting three, but I was not expecting cooking. He was supposed to get Archery because he finished it at scout camp. Turns out he finished Cooking at scout camp as well, but they forgot he was supposed to get Archery, so he’ll get it next time. :/


The mayor of Eagle Mountain came to speak to the boys at the court of honor. He talked about all the service that Boy Scouts provide to our community and how awesome that is, then he let us take a group picture of him with all the boys including any cubs that were there.



We left a space for the Archery badge, since that was where we were planning on putting it before we found out about the Cooking badge.

Jul 072015

Our stop for stretching our legs today was at the Lubbock, Texas temple. The kids always love seeing the different temples whenever we go somewhere.


Seth was super happy to be out of his car seat. 🙂





Kyle and I tried to get Ethan to take a picture of us. We ended up with all kinds of crazy shots. Lots of street at the bottom and no Moroni, lots of sky at the top with Kyle and I cut off at the bottom…Apparently he needs practice. The was the best one he got.


Jun 082015

Ethan is headed off to his first week long scout camp! He’s got an exciting schedule planned. Originally he wanted to do a couple of the shooting sports, but I noticed that the very first class for each was at the same time, so there just wasn’t any way for him to do both this year. So I had him choose one of them. He also wanted to do wilderness survival. I suggested that he pick one required merit badge. In the end I think he has a well rounded schedule. One shooting sport (archery), one required (environmental science), wilderness survival, mammal study and one crafty badge (woodcarving).


We finished gathering his supplies and getting him packed up last night, and this morning he is off!



Jun 062015

Ethan’s very last baby tooth fell out at the bridging activity, so we put it in a baggie so we wouldn’t lose it before we got home. We waited till we got home to take pictures.


There it is! There’s his adult tooth to take this place!