Aug 072015

For Girl Scouts we had a spa party tonight. We had the girls help each other put mud masks on, and then we did their nails before they washed the mud off their faces. Chloe looks like she wasn’t too sure what to think about the mud mask.


Aug 052015

Dinah, Chloe and sometimes Lydia, have taken a fancy to doing my hair. It is kind of a weakness of mine, and they may have figured that out. I enjoy having my hair played with, and so when they are doing my hair, it’s harder for me to put my foot down and insist that they go to bed, or clean their room (for example). Not to mention that when they are playing with my hair, its wiser not to move or get up because then they would end up pulling my hair and that would be painful. So I usually just let them. Here are some pictures of the better hair styles they have come up with:





Jul 212015

At the prospect of earning money by mowing the lawn, Dinah really wanted a turn. So here’s her first attempt at mowing the lawn.


Tiny little girl that she is she had some issues pushing it.

Jun 062015

We had our troop bridging ceremony this evening. Dinah bridged to Brownies.


Tyra bridged to Cadettes:


After we bridged the girls, we had dinner and then moved inside to finish with the awards. Rain was headed our way, so we did what we could outside. The wind got crazy and the rain was starting when we went inside.