Aug 072015

For Girl Scouts we had a spa party tonight. We had the girls help each other put mud masks on, and then we did their nails before they washed the mud off their faces. Chloe looks like she wasn’t too sure what to think about the mud mask.


Aug 052015

Dinah, Chloe and sometimes Lydia, have taken a fancy to doing my hair. It is kind of a weakness of mine, and they may have figured that out. I enjoy having my hair played with, and so when they are doing my hair, it’s harder for me to put my foot down and insist that they go to bed, or clean their room (for example). Not to mention that when they are playing with my hair, its wiser not to move or get up because then they would end up pulling my hair and that would be painful. So I usually just let them. Here are some pictures of the better hair styles they have come up with:





Jul 112015

At the Albuquerque temple, Kyle pulled a HUGE moth bug out of the fountain. It looked dead and Chloe really thought it was cool, so she wanted to take it home. Somewhere between Albuquerque and Four Corners, Chloe started SCREAMING! We asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t answer and then Tyra and Chloe were both screaming. So we pulled over to find out what was wrong. Turns out that she screamed because the bug moved. So Kyle offered to just let it go in the bushes by the side of the road, but Chloe wanted to see it again. So Chloe and Lydia got out to look at it.



Chloe wouldn’t hear of leaving the bug, and now that she was aware that he could still move she still wanted to take him home. So we got back in the van and continued on our way.

Kyle had been referring to the bug as Croaky, because he was dead. Then he decided that we were going to call it Albert Croaky, because we found him in Albuquerque.

When we got home we put Albert Croaky in a pot of flowers that I had on the porch.


Chloe had to go out front to check on him every day, and most days she had to find him because he would get out of the flower pot. He did eventually end up dying. He never really did recover from being in the fountain.

Jun 272015

Chloe lost her first tooth. She has already had one visit from the tooth fairy, back when she had a tooth pulled by the dentist, but this is the first time a tooth fell out because it was ready. Look at how confused she looks about all of this!


I really don’t know why Kyle didn’t have her rinse out her mouth before taking the pictures. I guess he thought a bloody mouth would be more impressive…