Aug 272015

Adam insisted that he wanted to feed Seth. There wasn’t much left in Seth’s bowl, so I let him.


But then I caught him taking a taste, so maybe he was just trying to get to Seth’s food for himself. 😉


Aug 262015

We made another trip to the park today. We recently bought new full size bikes for Ethan and Tyra, and bumped everyone else up to the next biggest bike. So this time everyone took their bikes, and Seth also stayed awake so he could go on the swings! 🙂







Chloe did cry all the way home from the park because she hasn’t figured out how to ride the bike without training wheels. She’ll figure it out eventually.

Aug 232015

I asked Adam awhile ago what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. His response was “Ninja Turtle cake!”. I really wanted to know if he wanted chocolate, or strawberry or banana or carrot or whatever. But no matter how many times I asked, he always gave the same answer. Thankfully I remembered that I had bought a watermelon cake mix that came with a green frosting.


So he got a watermelon cake for his birthday, dressed up to look like a Ninja Turtle.


Adam just loved it!


After cake, Adam got to open his present.




He had such an exiting time celebrating his birthday, that he was the first one asleep.


Aug 202015


My wisdom teeth were trying to work their way out some more, but because I wouldn’t be able to close my mouth if they were all the way out there just wasn’t any room for them and they were causing me a lot of pain. After dealing with the pain for several weeks, I finally broke down and made an appointment to have them removed. I had them pulled one week ago now. And every fear that was causing me to put it off has happened. The pain, the bleeding, the not being able to eat, the hunger that comes with not being able to eat…. I’ve been on an ice cream shake and smoothie diet, and that sound GREAT until that’s all you are able to eat and you really just want some real food, but can’t eat real food because it would get stuck in the holes in the back of your mouth and cause more pain. I can’t wait until I can eat real good again!

Aug 172015

Poor Seth is teething again, so he’s been in a lot of pain. 🙁



He’s trying to smile, but he just looks so miserable.