Jul 302015

I took the kids to the park this morning for some outside play time. I was planning on taking Seth on the swings to see how he likes it, but he fell asleep before we got there.


I still let the kids play for a bit before walking back home. Adam ended up getting bored trying to ride his trike home so I asked Ethan to carry it while he walked Chewy. Instead he gave Chewy a ride.


Jul 292015

Ethan received three more merit badges at the court of honor tonight. He received Reading, Wilderness Survival, and Cooking. I was expecting him to be getting three, but I was not expecting cooking. He was supposed to get Archery because he finished it at scout camp. Turns out he finished Cooking at scout camp as well, but they forgot he was supposed to get Archery, so he’ll get it next time. :/


The mayor of Eagle Mountain came to speak to the boys at the court of honor. He talked about all the service that Boy Scouts provide to our community and how awesome that is, then he let us take a group picture of him with all the boys including any cubs that were there.



We left a space for the Archery badge, since that was where we were planning on putting it before we found out about the Cooking badge.

Jul 262015

I got sick of my flower bed, in front of the house, looking like this:



So I decided that it was time to change it up. It used to be one big flower bed. And the boxes with the sprinkler valves was right in the front middle, which made it impossible to plant anything there. When we had the sprinklers fixes a couple of years ago we had the guy MOVE the valves so they wouldn’t be in the flower bed at all. Not it was time to just reclaim the flower bed, and I decided that with his huge corner I wanted to make it tiered.

Here is my foundation for the second and third tiers.


Here, I’ve started filling them with dirt.


Here I’ve got all three tiers laid out and filled with dirt. You can still kind of see some of the foundation stones, but I’m hoping they won’t be that noticeable after planting flowers in there.


Jul 252015

Ethan needed to go out and so some observations for his Environmental Science merit badge so we decided to make a trip to Bridal Veil Falls so he can do that. Chloe had a friend come over to ask if she can play as we were preparing to leave, so Kyle went and talked to her parents and they decided to let her come with us. We also decided to use this as an opportunity to practice “Leave No Trace” for some cub scout awards for Jeremy. 🙂