Jun 272015

Chloe lost her first tooth. She has already had one visit from the tooth fairy, back when she had a tooth pulled by the dentist, but this is the first time a tooth fell out because it was ready. Look at how confused she looks about all of this!


I really don’t know why Kyle didn’t have her rinse out her mouth before taking the pictures. I guess he thought a bloody mouth would be more impressive…


Jun 252015

This just happened….I have been feeling for awhile that this kid has been doing everything faster than any of the others. I’m feeling like that again right now. Six months old and already pulling himself up to a stand!


Jun 202015

A few weeks ago we saw a billboard for a “Gem Faire” so we looked it up and decided that we would go check it out. I loved seeing all the rocks, and the girls got really excited about pendants and strings of beads. We didn’t buy any beads, but I did buy a bunch of different pendants. The girls have been wanting to wear necklaces to church, but there aren’t very many for them, which means they keep asking to wear MY necklaces. So this will give them some more options. The boys really liked the giant marbles. Kyle was interested in buying a large glow in the dark marble, until he found out it was just painted with glow in the dark paint. We did end up buying a large rock of banded citrine. We were interested in a couple of other large rocks, but that vendor wanted several hundred dollars for each one. When Kyle asked the price of the citrine and we found out it was only $65 we decided to just go for it. And I just LOVE it. It fits in nicely with the rocks I inherited from Grandma Shirley. 😀


We did buy a couple of smaller rocks from the expensive vendor, simply because they gave so many of the kids free crystals, and we felt bad not buying anything from them. I just didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the big rocks.

I also got a few small crystals that remind me of one of my pendants. It’s my most favorite pendant, because it’s a rock, and I wear it anytime I’m wearing purple, because it’s purple. But today I bought a light blue, a darker blue, an orange and a white crystal, so that I can try to make some more rock pendants. 😀

Jun 192015

As soon as Chloe found out that the movie “Inside Out” was coming out ON her birthday, she asked that we go see it for her birthday. And when I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she said “an inside out cake”. I joked around about putting the frosting on the inside and the cake on the outside, but in the end we settled for a pineapple upside down cake. So this has been her Inside out, upside down birthday!

We met Kyle in town early this afternoon to go see Inside Out. We went to the ward bbq after the movie for dinner, then came home for the upside down cake.


The four older kids got watches in their stockings last Christmas and Chloe was quite upset that she didn’t get one, so Kyle picked out a watch for her birthday.