Apr 292015

Lydia turned four today! I used my heart shaped cake pans when making her strawberry cake, and then I decorated it with skittles and green sour straws to make it look like a strawberry. The home made strawberry frosting seemed to be a bit runny and the skittles on the side of the cake kind of slid down.


Kyle picked out her birthday present a few weeks ago. He got her some Minnie Mouse dominos, since she has a Minnie Mouse obsession, and they just learned how to play dominos at cousins house in Idaho.


Apr 272015

Kyle arranged to work later today so that we could go to the Payson Temple open house this morning. As was expected, the temple was beautiful. The kids really enjoy going to temple open houses and seeing all the beautiful rooms. And we get an opportunity to talk about what they are for.

The landscaping isn’t quite finished outside, considering that it is still early spring, but there were some flowers to look at. Kids are always attracted to the fountains on the grounds.






I tried to get a picture of the whole front of the temple, but I had someone do a photo bomb:


In the visitors tent after the tour they had a photo-op, so we went ahead and posed, and they emailed it to us later.