Mar 312015

I recently bought myself some heavier weights because I felt like using the ones I had, just wasn’t leaving me with that good sore feeling, that I usually get after working out. Today when I went downstairs I found that Adam had made weights of his own out of some magnet toys. 🙂


Mar 282015

Our Girl Scout troop had our last cookie booth scheduled for this morning, but we had so many cookies left to sell, that I had to add one more this afternoon. This excited Dinah because she wanted to go sell more cookies, but I had to talk Tyra and Chloe into going as well so that we would have enough girls there. We met one of my co-leaders and her daughter at this last booth as well. Being on a Saturday, this booth was a 3 hour one and as we discovered our first year, 3 hours is really too long for daisies to be at a booth. Chloe, being a first year daisy and not having had a nap before coming got really tired, mid-way through our booth and she just couldn’t focus on selling cookies anymore.


After a while, she just gave up altogether.


Mar 272015

I couldn’t find Chloe around the house until I searched her room. She was sitting in the closet, sulking. I asked her what’s wrong, and she looked at me and said, “you know what you did!”
I looked at her and said, “No I don’t. What’s the matter?”
She glared at me and said, “Yes you do! I’m not going to tell you! Because you know!”

Only five years old and learning the secrets of talking like a woman.

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Mar 252015

Seth rolled over for the first time today!


I’m so glad that I was in the room and saw him do it, so I could get a picture of him before he started crying. Because as is typical when babies first start rolling over, they are fine with it, until they realize they can’t get back over onto their back and then they start crying.

Mar 222015

After church, Kyle fell asleep on the couch holding Seth. Seth, on the other hand, had no intention of falling asleep with him.