Jan 292015


Kyle worked from home today so that I could take Seth with me to my six week check up, without taking all of the kids. Everything looks good with me, and my midwife also checked Seth out. He’s up to 11 pounds! She was also very impressed that he was making eye contact with her and responding to her voice. 🙂

Jan 282015

Ethan earned a couple of merit badges at the Fall BYU pow wow a few months ago, but he hadn’t been awarded them yet because the blue cards hadn’t been turned in. After asking around and getting some confusing answers as to who to turn them in to, I got them turned in so they could be awarded at the court of honor tonight.

We went to the court of honor expecting Ethan to receive two merit badges. When they called him up there and started reading off the merit badges in the pile for him, he received SIX! I guess he earned three during his time with the 11 year olds group, and he moved up to the deacons group just in time to earn one with them.



Expecting two and coming home with six! I thought it was a nice surprise. 🙂

Jan 272015

We have been reading a series of books called the Dragon Keepers, and in the book we are currently reading, Emmy, the dragon, really wants to believe in Santa Clause and the “fang fairy”. When, in the book, Emmy lost one of her fangs she hid it under her pillow of socks and didn’t tell her keepers about it, but when she woke up she found that the tooth had been taken and no money had been left and she was really upset.

Ethan lost a fang tooth this morning, and Kyle told him he better watch out or the fang fairy may come and take his tooth. Then I said “Ya the fake fang fairy.” Kyle took it a step further and said what if it’s a fluffy fake fang fairy. We continued to talk about this when Kyle decided to get a little more crazy, and said that maybe it will be a fluffy fat fake fang fairy….named Frederick. We laughed and Tyra commented on how it’s become a tongue twister when Kyle decided to to make it even more crazy and suggested that maybe there were FIVE fluffy fat fake fang fairies: Frederick, Francis, Francine, Frank….and Phil!

Jan 262015

Tyra brought home this bag of microwave popcorn and instructions quite awhile ago from activity days. She has been asking for months if we could do the games in the bag. Well things have been crazy, and family home evening hasn’t been happening due to late dinners and therefore late bedtimes and we just didn’t want to make bedtime even later by doing FHE first. As we try to create a schedule for our household, we are trying to make FHE a priority again, so we finally broke out the bag and said “Let’s do this!”. 🙂

Opening Song: “Popcorn Popping” Children’s Songbook pg 242-243

Opening Prayer:

Lesson: Parable of the Popcorn, read by Ethan

Parable of the Popcorn

Behold at the time of the harvest, the ears of corn did bring forth kernels which we dried and prepared for the poppers hand.

And then it was that the popper did take the kernels, all of which appeared alike unto him, and did apply the oil and the heat.

And it came to pass that when the heat was on, some did explode with promise and did magnify themselves an hundred fold, and some did burst forth with whiteness which did both gladden the eye and satisfy the taste of the popper. And likewise, some others did pop, but not too much.

But lo, there were some that did just lie there and even though the popper’s heat was alike unto all, they did bask in the warmth of the oil and kept everything they had for themselves.

And so it came to pass that those which had given of themselves did bring joy and delight to many munchers, but those which kept of the warmth and did not burst forth were fit only to be case out into the pail and thought of with hardness and disgust.

And thus we see that in the beginning all appear alike, but when the heat is on, some come forth and give their all, while others fail to pop and become as chaff to be discarded and forgotten.


Popcorn mouth toss: wo players stand a marked distance apart from each other and take turns throwing popcorn into each other’s mouths. Take 1 step back after each successful toss and munch. The team that gets the furthest without dropping any popcorn on the ground wins.

Popcorn straw blow: Place a of popcorn at the end of a table for each player. Using a drinking straw, blow the popcorn to the other end of the table. The first popcorn to arrive wins.

Popcorn cup drop: Stand on a chair and drop pieces of popcorn into a cup on the ground. Try to get as many pieces as possible into the target.

Popcorn distance throw: Throw a piece of popcorn as far as you can. Farthest throw wins.

Popcorn relay: Divide into two teams and give each team a cup or plate of popcorn. Have each player take turns walking with the cup of popcorn on their heads, across the room, around a chair and back to their team. Play for a specified amount of time, such as 2 minutes or more. The team that has the most popcorn left in their cup wins.

Closing Ceremonies
Don’t eat popcorn Pete: Send the first player away from the game board or into another room, then have the remaining players choose which one of the twelve people on the game board will be “Pete” for the round. Place one piece of popcorn in each square of the game board. Have the first player come back and begin eating popcorn pieces from the game board. As soon as the player tries to pick “Pete” everyone yells “Don’t eat Pete!” The player keeps all the popcorn picked up before trying to get Pete. Refill the game board and play again with the next player.

We went through and played all the games except the distance throw. I just didn’t want seven kids throwing popcorn across the room. Adam was funny to watch throughout the games though. Instead of tossing popcorn into Kyle’s mouth he just ate it and took off. And instead of standing up straight to drop popcorn into a cup on the floor (we had the kids just stand on the floor instead of on a chair), he bent over to put his popcorn in the cup, then took off with the cup of popcorn. 😉 For “Don’t eat Pete” we let each kids pick which animal on the paper would be “Pete”, and the kid that picked Pete for the first round, got to do the eating during the next round, so they all got a turn to pick and eat.

Treat: Popcorn!

You need:
1 gift bag
2 bags of microwave popcorn
2 paper cups
2 paper plates
2 straws
1 game board for Don’t eat Pete
Game instructions card

Jan 182015

Ethan passed the sacrament in church for the first time today. He got to be in the position to take the sacrament up to the Bishopric even! He looked like he was a little unsure of what he was supposed to be doing. He did run into a challenge at the end though. He ran out of bread in the middle of a row, but he didn’t tell any of the other boys, and he didn’t switch trays with any of the other boys. So a member of the Bishopric had to stand up and ask if everyone had had a chance to receive the bread, and one of the other boys went over to that row and took care of it. So we had a talk with Ethan after church about what he should do if he runs into that situation again. 🙂