Jul 302014

Today I went to get out my camera to transfer the pictures to my computer and found it wasn’t in my cupboard, which caused me to panic. I started looking all over the place for it but I couldn’t find it. So I had to sit and think back to when I last used it. I remembered wanting to send it with Kyle to the pack meeting last week, but he had no idea where the camera is either. Then I remembered taking it with me to the Lehi foam days and I drove mom’s car! After asking her if it is still in her car, she said that she found it. She didn’t take it out before leaving because she thought it was Tiffany’s breast pump. So now my camera is in California, and we have plans to go out of town next week and I really want my camera for our trip. 🙁

Jul 262014

Last week, on Monday I started coughing, and as the week progressed the coughing got worse and worse. Then Sunday after church, I found that I had a fever. All week I have been dealing with this fever, and the cough, as well as the chills and hot flashes. It has been miserable. Not to mention the fact that being pregnant means that every time I cough I feel like I’m going to pee my pants. Well last two nights have just been the worst. I could not lay down without ending up in a coughing fit. I tried sleeping in the recliner, but that means not sleeping very well at all. Today I had to break down and go into the instacare. There the doctor asked me some questions about the cough and fever. He felt my neck, and listened to my lungs and said that we can’t take x-rays to confirm, because I’m pregnant but it’s “walking pneumonia”. He mentioned that he could hear the yuck in my left lung when I was breathing. So he gave me a prescription for two different antibiotics to take simultaneously. Just what I need to be dealing with at 20 weeks of pregnancy and in the middle of the summer. 🙁

Jul 242014

Mom wanted to do something fun with the kids today. Tiffany didn’t like the idea of just going to play at a park, because she didn’t want to have to chase kids. Debby sent mom a link about the Lehi Foam Days event. Mom thought that looked like lots of fun, and that became the plan for today. I am still not feeling very well and I had a prenatal appointment this morning so I was hoping they would just take the kids for me. But mom expected me to meet them at the park for foam days after my appointment. So I helped get the kids ready, and sent them with mom in the van. Tiffany and Debby and their babies went in Debby’s car, and mom left her car and keys for me to use. I put my camera in the car because I figured, if I don’t go and take pictures of the kids playing in the foam I won’t have any and I went to my appointment, then I drove to Lehi to meet up with the others.

When I got to the park, I found Mom with my kids at a booth playing some games.




We went to go back to where Debby and Tiffany were and Mom got some food to share for lunch. Then it was time to go play in some bubbles. They had the foam area of the park broken down into sections for age groups. Ethan and Jeremy refused to play in the foam, so Tyra and Dinah went together to their age group, while Mom and I took Chloe Lydia and Adam to where the little kids were supposed to play. There were lots of people that were just covered in the foam, but my little ones didn’t know what to think of it.


They didn’t play for very long and when they were done, mom took them back to the rest of the group while I tried to find Tyra and Dinah. By this time though, I was feeling pretty weak. I wasn’t able to find Tyra and Dinah in the masses so I went back to the rest of the group to sit down, and mom went to look for them. They finally found us, and we decided it was time to get going. Mom took the kids in the van again, and I asked her to give the kids a bath when they got back to the house. I wanted to stop by the store to get something to help boost my immune system, and get some things for dinner and some other things that we were low on (like milk).

By the time I got home and the car was unloaded Kyle was home. We went downstairs to watch Hotel Transylvania with mom, Debby and Tiffany. I came upstairs before the movie was over to get the barbeque started. Debby cut peppers for me and made some kool aid while I grilled the meat for fajitas, and the corn on the cob. When the meat was done, mom sliced it, and Kyle sauteed the meat with the peppers and onions, while I cut the watermelon. Then I announced that I was done and that I was going to sit for the rest of the night because I was feeling weak before we left the park, and by dinner time I had just pushed myself WAY too far. So Kyle served dinner. After dinner, mom and Tiffany loaded up the rest of their things and put Denzel in the car to start the drive to head back home. They had to stop by Debby’s to pick up the rest of Tiffany’s stuff so Debby and Rexton left too. It was a good day and we had a nice evening, but I’m not going to lie, considering the way I feel I’m kind of glad they are gone so I can try to get some rest.

Jul 232014

Since I’ve been involved in our cub scout pack, we’ve done a large summer Pack Night, and this year was no different.  We had a Medieval night previously, and this year decided to do a Pioneer-themed night.  We planned to do different games and activities, and I volunteered to put together a rope ring toss.  I bought a 30-foot length of rope and cut it down into three-foot lengths, then separated the three strands and wound each one back up on itself, binding the ends with electrical tape.  I know, this isn’t something our ancestors would have done two hundred years ago, but we work with what’s available. 🙂

In all, it was a fun night.  We started off with the boys and their families inside the church, to pass out awards.  Meanwhile, the young men and young women had agreed to help run the different activity booths, like the rope ring toss, racing hoops, making spinning tops out of buttons, and even churning butter (in baby food jars).  The kids were basically free to run around to each activity, whilst I tried to monitor the ring toss and also keep track of the little ones, as Rebecca stayed home sick.  In the end, though, nobody got lost, so I consider it a success.

After it was over, Brother Hacking and I realised we could throw the rings by using two long sticks as launchers.  We accidentally threw one up on the church roof, so we had to bring his ladder back to climb up and retrieve it.  It was a good thing we didn’t suggest that activity for the kids to do.

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Jul 192014

The boys have been looking forward to each year’s Fathers and Sons camp out, even though I typically don’t care for roughing it in the great outdoors.  With the craziness of Rebecca’s camping trip, I figured we simply wouldn’t go, but she notified me that the little girls would have someone to watch them, so I prepared for the trip.  Adam didn’t really know what was going on, but was thrilled to be in the small car with just his brothers.

This year, we went to Spanish Fork Canyon, which has been much nicer than the closer Willow Park campgrounds in Saratoga Springs.  We had a neighbouring campground to last year’s, just up on top of the hill, surrounded by trees, but also providing flat grassy areas for tents, and a pavilion with benches.  At the head of the pavilion was a large brick fireplace.

We weren’t first there, but when we arrived there was enough of a selection of tent sites that we could easily pick where to set up.  I chose a place just north of the pavilion, close to the trees, to not be distracted at night by the lights and chatter once the kids started coming to bed.  This was our first year using a giant tent we purchased at Costco, claiming to fit twelve people.  It was quite impressive, with two rooms divided by a zipped wall, plus one of the rooms could have been opened into a mesh lined patio.




The older boys played around in it a bit, then wandered off to seek out activities to do.  I basically spent the time following Adam to keep him out of trouble.

As the evening progressed, and more people showed up, our tent became a hit with the boys who wanted to come in and hang out.  I didn’t mind, as long as they didn’t track dirt into it, and kept it zipped.  More people set up in the pavilion, to eat and play.  The fireplace was lit and some people started on their Dutch Oven desserts.  A common theme at these campouts, is for some of the guys to bring their Magic The Gathering cards, and this time was no different.  The pavilion had lights, at least, so the fireplace was mainly for entertainment use.  The boys started to notice they could run off into the bushes and bring back weeds that they could throw into the fireplace, and they also found a mouse in the area, which they scared around the fireplace until it ran off.

Once it got dark, we started to wrap up the evening.  I like how our ward has mainly young families, so most of the people who came had little kids, and wanted to go to bed early.  Adam was starting to get cranky and noticeably tired, so I carried him to our tent and put him down for the night.  I also started closing up the tent windows, and my ears picked up a faint scritching sound.  At first, I thought that mouse from earlier, was trying to get inside the tent, but then I saw its shadow on the inside, crawling up the wall! And, with Adam sleeping and it being dark, I had limited options.  I ended up using the flashlight feature on my mobile phone, chasing it around and using a shoe to try and knock it out, before my adventure woke Adam.  Fortunately, he stayed asleep through the chaos.  Unfortunately, it didn’t stop running until I had knocked it out with the shoe, so I grabbed a pair of shoes to pick it up, and tossed it outside the tent.

Ethan and Jeremy were in the pavilion, presumably watching some of the older guys play Magic and similar.  I ended up falling alseep with Adam, waking later to find Ethan and Jeremy had wandered to bed on their own.

In the morning, we had typical Fathers and Sons breakfast, consisting of meat products, sausage and bacon, plus pancakes, all cooked on dutch oven griddles.  Everyone ate their full and we were done with the event, as the campground needed to be cleared by 12:15.  Everyone started packing up their tents, with ours being one of the last, and we left to return home and take a shower.

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