Jun 302014

Even though this trip to California, has been because of the death of a family member we felt like we needed to make sure to do something fun for the kids’ sakes. So we decided to go to Legoland. None of us have ever been, and Ethan being obsessed with Legos, has been wanting to go for years. We found some coupons that get kids in free with a paying adult, and so after we figured out who would be going with us I think we had enough adults to get each of the kids in free. And the littlest kiddos were free anyway.


The first thing ride we came to in the park, the four littlest kiddos (James, Adam, Rexton and Denzel) were too small to go on so Grandma and Grandpa offered to sit with them, while the rest of us took the older kids on the ride.


When we got off the ride we spent a few minutes looking for Grandma and Grandpa and the little ones. It turns out they wandered around with them and got some treats for the little ones while they waited. Next up we went on a ride that was very similar to Disneyland’s Storybook land boats, only all the story book scenes were made out of legos.



While we waited for the kids to be done having a potty break we hung out with some squirt toys and fountains where you could spray Lego displays.


Then we went into a building where we found the very table of Legos they used in the Lego Movie! Around the rest of the room they had it set up like the basement scene in the Lego Movie as well, it was pretty cool. The kids loved it because we have seen the movie. My parents haven’t seen the movie so it was all new to them.



After studying the map a little bit we decided to split the group up for a bit. There was an area where the younger kids could play, and the next area of the park was made up of a bunch of rides that only the bigger kids could go on. So I stayed with my parents to help watch Lydia, James, Adam, Rexton and Denzel, while Kyle, Jenny, Tiffany, and Debby took Ethan, Tyra, Tommy, Jeremy, Annaleah, Dinah, and Chloe to go on the rides.

In the play area for the younger kids there were several playplace type pieces of equipment for the kids to play on, and there were a couple of huts with these HUGE rubber Legos for the little kids to play with. The whole area in general was NOT designed by anyone with kids. There were too many ways in and out, which means that you can take your kids in one way and sit down to watch them, but there were several ways out that you had to be constantly watching to make sure your kids don’t escape without your noticing. I really liked the huts with rubber Legos. Those at least there was only one way in, so I could sit at the entrance and make sure that Adam and Jimmy didn’t escape, while Mom and Dad took care of the other little kiddos.



Aren’t those giant Legos awesome? I really liked this Lego Mariachi band too. 🙂


Jeremy with Lego Chewbacca:

Grandma with Lego Elvis:


Then it was snack time. We found this snack shack that sold apple fries. They were just amazing! Granny smith apples cut up like french fries and fried, served with lightly sweetened whipped cream. YUMM!


We were in the pirate themed area of the park and a princess was walking by, so the girls HAD to get pictures with her.



There was another playground for the kids to check out. This one pirate themed and somewhat resembling a pirate ship. At least this one only had one way in/out. But it took awhile to gather up all of the kids and get them out of there so we could continue on our way through the park. Next up were the pirate rides….which meant water.




About dinner time we came to the medieval themed area of the park. We had dinner at a restaurant that was offering free kids meals with the purchase of adult meals. Then some of the adults took the kids to go on a jousting ride, while the rest of us were changing diapers.


We were running out of time now, and there was a roller coaster that only the oldest of the kids could go on. So Kyle took them to do that while the rest of us continued on to find some things for the younger kids to do. We were able to take them to do a couple of other rides, and then Grandpa let them go fishing while we waited for Kyle and the big kids to catch up.


Kyle and the big kids finally caught up to us, I finished collecting smashed pennies for each of the kids (they have started a collection, but they only get to pick one each place we go that does them), and then it was pretty much closing time. The girls had to get a picture with the Lego Friends on our way out though:


Jun 292014

This morning we attended church in my parents ward. It’s always nice to go back and see who’s still in the ward. It seems like so many have moved out, and there are so many new faces that I don’t know. After church we let the kids spend some time in my parents pool. After our experience with Tyra nearly drowning in their pool, I decided that I would also put my suit on and go in.



Sandy had invited us over to her place for dinner so we spent the evening hanging out there. Jimmy spent some time literally hanging. Hanging onto Tiffany so she wouldn’t drop him. 😉


The kids took turns playing video games.


The boys played with Pokemon cards, when it wasn’t their turn to play on the wii.


After dinner, one of Sandy’s and Robert’s renters found a lizard outside and brought it into the house. Mom asked for them to give it to her, which they did reluctantly. Mom sat there stroking the lizard to calm it down, and all the grandkids got to gather around to check it out.


Jun 282014

Upon our arrival at my parents house yesterday dad and mom both made several comments about how when Wendy arrived she placed something by the kitchen sink. The first time they made the comment it sounded odd, so I just kind of thought, “ok, so Wendy put something by the sink”. But after they had both made the same comment multiple times it was obvious that they wanted me to go see what Wendy put by the sink. Of course mom followed me into the kitchen, and I saw a baby bottle by the sink with “Grandbaby #13, March 2015” written on it in puffy paints. So I said that was pretty cool, and Kyle and I talked about it later while we were getting ready for bed.

Tonight since we had all of my family at my parents house we decided that it was time. While we were having ice cream after dinner, Kyle picked up the bottle and took it to Wendy and John and said “Actually it should say grandbaby #14”. Wendy looked confused and said that she counted right, but Kyle insisted that no, it should say #14. Wendy finally got it, and asked if we were expecting too. There was mass confusion as everyone caught on and was in complete shock. Mom just started laughing, and Wendy had to verify that I was in fact farther along than she was. I said that I’m 16 weeks and I’m due in December. Everyone was in shock at that too. Tom wanted me to lift my shirt so he could see my belly. I refused to go that far. But I did hold my shirt tight against my belly to show the outline of the small bump that is there.

So this is an official announcement, announcing that baby #8 is on the way. Our baby #8 will be grandbaby #13 for my parents and grandbaby #12 for Kyle’s mom. 🙂

Jun 282014

Today we are in California for Grandma Shirley’s memorial service. Dad has been sending me messages letting me know that Grandma hasn’t been doing very well and that she wasn’t expected to live very much longer. Since he had said that she was pretty much unresponsive, Kyle and I decided not to try to make the trip before she died to try to see her, but to just wait until after her passing. That way we could just use Kyle’s bereavement time to make the trip instead of using PTO. Things actually worked out better for us having planned to wait on coming down. Grandma passed away on the 14th, but dad and Uncle Mark and Aunt Glenda decided to schedule the service for today, the 28th. Had we come down as soon as we knew she wasn’t going to live much longer, or right after we got word that she had passed, then we wouldn’t have been able to stick around long enough to be in town for the service.

Dad asked Kyle to make the program for the service. Aunt Glenda and Charity gave the eulogy. Dad and Wendy both gave talks. Uncle Mark and Aunt Tammy gave the opening and closing prayers. I got to lead the music, and I also put together a slide show. There ended up not being any way to show the slide show at the service though. We couldn’t show it in the chapel, and we didn’t have access to a tv or projector and screen to be able to show it after the service at the luncheon. We decided to show it at mom & dad’s house later that evening. I was told that everyone would be coming over, however they ended up not coming at all. So I got to just make copies of the slide show onto dvd’s and they got passed out later.

Kyle did walk around at the luncheon to take some pictures for me.




Jun 222014

We received word a few days ago that my Grandma Shirley passed away. And so I have been sorting through all of my scanned pictures, to find pictures of her to have Kyle put on the program for her service. I just thought that I would share a few here too.