Apr 302014

Kyle and I both have scout related callings for church. He had taken the boys with him to cub scouts this evening, but I needed to be at the church for my calling right when cub scouts ended. We’ve had to do this a lot lately so that both of us can be there to do our jobs, and rather than leave the girls and Adam at home to wait for him to come back we decided that I should load them up and drive to the church. I go inside to take care of my scout business, Kyle comes out with the boys to take the van full of kids home, and that leaves me with the purple car to get home on my own when I’m done.

Tonight was another one of those nights, only when I got in the van to go, Lydia speaks out, “Mommy! Go that way! They church is that way! That way Mommy!” I asked “Which way?” and I looked back at her and she was pointing up the street. So I turned on the van and pulled out into the street in that direction. Then she yells “Watch out for kids!” because the neighborhood kids really like to play out in the street. It was just really funny.

Apr 292014

Grandpa called to wish Lydia a happy birthday today, and Kyle decided to have him call back using his ipad so they could see each other. Lydia loved being able to see Grandpa and Grandma and talk to them. She kept walking around with the ipad, so they probably got to see the whole house during the call. The other kids liked showing stuff off too.


I made her a strawberry rainbow cake. I had seen a picture in an article online of a rainbow cake, and thought “that would be so EASY!” So I decided that that was what I was going to do for her birthday. It was easy and she LOVED it.




She was so excited that today was her birthday. She kept saying “I blow out my happy birthday!” Referring to blowing out the candles on her cake. She also loves her new Minnie Mouse jammies that we got her a couple of days ago. 🙂

Apr 202014

The Easter Bunny kept things pretty simple this year. Everyone got some candy, and there were some Easter books, and some jump ropes for the kids to share and that was about it.





After going through their baskets for awhile, some of the kids started asking where all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid are. Then they discovered this note:


So the Grinch came along with Santa at Christmas time, and now the Easter Bunny didn’t want to hide eggs in a messy house. Hopefully the kids will get the message and start cleaning up.

We went to Laurel & Roine’s house for dinner, and there were a bunch of other people there as well. During dinner I sat listening to the conversations around me, and there was one that stuck out to me. Someone was talking about how they had fallen asleep at the wheel and been in a head on crash many years ago, and they were giving the details and answering questions about that experience. I sat there thinking how lucky they are to be here today to tell the story, and my thoughts turned to my uncle Frank who wasn’t so lucky.

Uncle Frank was a special uncle. He was my dad’s younger brother, and they had a special bond. Uncle Frank was married but didn’t have any kids of his own, but he just LOVED to be with us kids. He was tall, athletic and a goofy guy. When I was about ten years old, I remember being in the hallway of our house in Fullerton when my mom came to me to tell me that Uncle Frank had died in a car crash. He lived quite a distance from where he worked and as I understand it, he didn’t go home every night, just for the weekends. But he was driving home one night to be there the next day for his wife’s birthday, he was exhausted and fell asleep at the wheel. His vehicle swerved into the oncoming traffic where he crashed head on, with another vehicle. All the passengers in that vehicle died as well. I remember being in denial when my mom told me the news. It just couldn’t be possible. In my mind, he wasn’t dead he just lived far away, but we would see him again, maybe at Christmas like we always did. I remember my parents going to his service. They didn’t take us kids. They came home feeling really upset that the service seemed to be more of a party than a funeral. I never really got any closure. Still in my mind he was not dead, just away. There have been times over the years that I would sit and think about how the man that died in the crash could have been any man, and maybe Uncle Frank is out there wandering around the world still. But then I would realize that Uncle Frank wouldn’t be just out in the world somewhere and be ignoring us all these years, and so he must have been the man that died in the crash. Then I think of how grateful I am for the gospel, and my knowledge that families are forever. I was there in the temple with my parents and with my grandmother, when we had Grandma Shirley sealed to her parents, and to Grandpa Denzel, and dad was sealed to them, and I was the one with the records and made sure that the paperwork was all right and that we didn’t forget to have Frank sealed to the family too. How grateful that I am that as I am reminded of Uncle Frank and his death it happens to be when we are celebrating Easter, and the resurrection of our Savior, who makes it possible for all to be resurrected when the time comes. And I realize that I was right all those years ago when I had the thought that we will see Uncle Frank again. I won’t see him again in this life, as my ten year old self though, but I WILL see him again!

Apr 192014

Dinah has a bit of a temper. Today she didn’t get her way for something, I don’t even remember what it was, and she went missing. This isn’t the first time she has just gone missing either. I didn’t hear anyone go out the front door, but we couldn’t find her anywhere. We searched the house over a couple of times, and Kyle hopped on his bike to search the neighborhood. After he came back with still no sign of her, I went over the house more slowly, and thoroughly. I ended up finding her in the garage, in between a couple of stacks of stuff. I’m really not happy with her acting like this, but at least she didn’t actually leave the property this time!