Nov 282013

My sister Debby, was going to host Thanksgiving this year, since she and her husband bought their first condo and finally have a place to call their own. But when Rexton was born early (he was due in December), Debby started doubting if she could handle hosting this year and asked if we could just host it instead.

I started with making the pies last night so that they would be done and wouldn’t have to fight for oven space and time today. While I was working on another pie crust the cat jumped on the table and started eating one of my prepped pie crusts!


I flipped out because I didn’t want to have to roll another piece of pastry to reline the pie pan. Instead, Kyle suggested that I just cut out the part that the cat touched and just put a patch of fresh pastry on. So that is what I did.


This morning, I got started with the stuffing, and the turkey. The turkey was still frozen even though it has been in the fridge for the last few days. But I got it thawed out enough to remove the innards and I got it stuffed and in the oven, and went on working on the other items on the menu.

Meanwhile, Kyle was helping by getting all of the laundry, that I have been neglecting, downstairs. Check out his idea of “taking laundry downstairs”:


Basically he stood at the top of the stairs and he and the kids just threw piles of laundry down. At least they had fun….I guess.

Mom & Dad were in town, but they spent the morning at Debby’s place getting the baby’s room all cleaned up and setting up a crib that they brought for Rexton. They came over in the afternoon, and said that Debby and Jeff weren’t home when they left, so they would be over later.

The turkey came out beautiful, just like it always does. It was so beautiful, Kyle wanted to kiss it!


When Debby and Jeff arrived, they brought with them this beautiful fruit platter. I saw the idea online and when she asked what to bring I sent her a picture and said “THAT!”


Here is the whole Thanksgiving spread for this year:


Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, creamy carrots and green beans. The cinnamon apple rings, spiced whole apples, spiced whole peaches, cranberry sauce, jams, Cornucopia, and rolls were all home made. Actually only the olives came from a can. 🙂

We probably could have lived without the green beans, and I wish the rolls rose a little bit more, but other than that it turned out very nice.

After we were finished with the main meal Grandpa passed out the chocolate turkeys. This is a tradition from when I was young. Every year there are always chocolate turkeys. The kids really enjoyed them.




This is Lydia saying “Turkey flying!”

Adam wasn’t sure what to do with his turkey at first.


But he figured it out. 🙂


While the kids ate their chocolate turkeys Jeff decided to take a nap, while Rexton was also napping.


We decided to go downstairs and watch a movie to give our stomachs more time to digest dinner before breaking out the pies. I made four pies total, a pumpkin, an apple, a cherry peach, and a pecan. In the past I have made way more than four pies for a Thanksgiving dinner, but by the time everyone has stuffed themselves on dinner, hardly anybody actually eats any pie, so I decided to cut it down a bit this year. 🙂

All in all it was a crazy busy day, but the food all turned out alright, and everyone liked it. And it was good to get to spend the day with family.

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