Nov 272012

At least, that’s the conversation we overheard between Jeremy, Ethan, and Tyra, as Rebecca and I were in the kitchen.

First, they are eating and we hear a prrbpt sound.
Then, someone declares, “Parents don’t fart.”
And someone adds, “but Liesl does.”

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Nov 272012

So this morning, I was wondering what was going on with getting the basement started, and Kyle and I had this conversation on pidgin:

(10:22:50 AM) Rebecca:OK so have you heard anything from Dave yet?
(10:23:03 AM) kyle: no
(10:23:27 AM) Rebecca:ok well can you try contacting him again?
(10:30:40 AM) Rebecca:ok never mind
(10:30:50 AM) kyle: what?
(10:30:54 AM) Rebecca:the guy is here to move the duct!!!!

Yup someone showed up this morning to move the duct that went straight down the middle of the ceiling in one of the bedrooms! Had I known that he was coming I would have known to go downstairs beforehand to get a “before” shot of where the duct was originally. Instead, he showed up this morning and went down to take the duct down. He made some measurements and then went home to build the pieces he would need to move it. While he was gone, I went down and got some “in the works” shots. 🙂


That open duct there is where it used to continue down the middle of the room. And these are the pieces of the duct that he took down so he could move them over:


He was actually home making the new pieces a lot longer than I had expected. I ended up having to call Kyle and ask him to come home right away, so that we could get the kids to the dentist and still have someone at the house when the guy came back to finish the duct. It was a good thing too, because shortly after Kyle left to take the kids to their appointment, the guy arrived to put the duct back together. We have been waiting so long for the basement to be done that I would have hated to not be there when he got there to finish. He worked on the vent for quite awhile. Kyle and the kids were back from the dentist before he was finished. But now he is done and the duct now runs along the wall of the bedroom:


I’m so excited! Work has finally begun! And the guy that moved the duct said that he would be back Thursday or Friday to run our gas lines. Basement construction has officially begun!

Nov 252012

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Laurel and Roine’s. Laurel just had foot surgery and is in a cast and didn’t want to have to go anywhere, so we all went to their place. Roine had cooked two turkeys. He smoked one, and the other he deep fried. Laurel’s friend Tanja was visiting from Germany and was there as well. The kids had a great time playing with cousins as they always do, and Kyle and I had a tough time trying to keep Lydia in the living room. She did get out once, and just as I asked Kyle to go catch her before she gets to the stairs, we heard a loud thumping going down the stairs, and I just knew that was her. She was fine but it really scared her (scared me too…). The food was all good, and everyone had a good time and we left to come home entirely too late. 🙂

Today we did our own turkey dinner. I like to do our own thing, despite what we do with the extended family, because I feel like we need to be establishing our own family’s traditions and make sure we keep them. I don’t want to always rely on doing something with the extended family, because what happens when we, or they, move too far away to get together for every holiday? And besides, I really like having the turkey leftovers to make other meals out of. So we had a feast of our own tonight. Earlier in the week Debby mentioned that they would come out to visit on Thanksgiving. I told her that we weren’t going to be home, that we would be at Laurel’s, but that we would do our own thing on Sunday. So they came out tonight to visit and feast with us.

I am grateful that we were able to spend so much time with family this weekend, and I am grateful that we had plenty of food to have a feast to celebrate the season of giving thanks. 🙂

Nov 242012

We decided we were going to go on an adventure today, but we hadn’t decided where when we woke up this morning. I talked about going to Zion National Park or to Snow Canyon, and Kyle threw out the idea of going to Antelope Island. We got a later start to the morning than I was hoping so we kind of threw out the idea of going to southern Utah. So we talked about hiking to the Y instead and I showed Kyle another park that I found and the map to get there. It took a road going by the west side of Utah Lake and Kyle said “Hey I’ve always wanted to drive on that side of the lake.” So we decided we would go to this park called “Little Sahara”. And then maybe hike to the Y if we still had time afterward. We packed a picnic lunch and got everyone dressed and out to the car and we were on our way.

The drive on the west side of the lake was beautiful. We drive on the other side all the time, but we almost never see it, aside from at a distance as we come over the mountain out of our valley. We got closer to where the GPS system on Kyle’s work phone was telling us we should be going. And then we passed the sign for the “Little Sahara”, but the GPS said that we had a few more miles to go before we got there. We decided to go to where it said we should go, and if we needed to we would turn around and head back for the road where the sign was. Well we got to where the GPS told us we wanted to go, but there wasn’t a real road there. So we decided to turn around and go back to where we saw the sign and that’s when Kyle told me about how there have been many complaints about that GPS program leading people on wild goose chases.


We started out by going to the visitors center to get a map and to let everyone make a potty stop, and then we went to one of their picnic areas. The park seems to be more of a place for people to bring their four wheelers and dune buggies to play on the sand dunes. I was hoping for something more of a nature exploration. There were a couple of areas fenced off that were off limits to vehicles and that’s where we spent our time. We had our lunch first, and then after picking up our stuff and reloading it into the car we took the kids over the hill to explore.


It was weird to see a landscape similar to the valley where we live, with the sage brush and the tumbleweeds, and then to see huge amounts of natural sand right there next to it. The sand was very soft and fine, different from the sand that you would find at the beach. The weather was just perfect for playing in the sand. I can’t imagine going to Little Sahara in the summer time when it is really hot. That would just be pure misery. But here it is almost the end of November and it was warm enough to be playing without wearing sweaters. You might notice that Jeremy is in shorts and a t-shirt and Kyle is wearing short sleeves as well. The kids really had a good time playing in the sand. Dinah decided she wanted to make sand angels:


Adam just hung around on his first day trip adventure:


The kids ran off and decided to slide down the sand hill:


Lydia loved being let loose in the sand, of course her favorite thing to do was to throw the sand. Thankfully it didn’t get in anybody’s eyes.


Daredevil Dinah was the first to climb the super tall and super steep hill:


Then the others had to prove they could do it too:


Kyle even helped Lydia climb partway up the hill, because Jeremy climbed up most of the way and then flipped out because he was stuck!


I was up towards the top of the hill on my own (I didn’t go up the steep side because I was wearing Adam) and there was sand untouched by foot prints. It was so pretty:


The kids had a blast, but once they got to the point where they would run off and not listen to what Kyle and I were telling them we decided it was time to go. We drove back to civilization and went to Applebee’s for dinner. Debby was working tonight so we saw her there. Then we came home and gave everyone a bath! I think I’m going to need to give the whole house a good cleaning now. As the kids pulled their shoes off in the entry way sand came out. Then they walked all over the house in their sandy socks before going into the bathrooms to pull off their socks to get in the bath, so more sand in the bathrooms. Lots of sand for me to clean up now. 🙂

Nov 152012

…well, cub scout leader. Kyle has been involved in scouts since the beginning of the year. As soon as Ethan became a bear, Kyle was going to cub scouts every week, due to the fact that every single week, one or both of Ethan’s official bear leaders wouldn’t be there. So when Kyle was asked to meet with a member of the Bishopric, back in April, we knew it was going to be a scout calling. We weren’t expecting it to be Webelos though, considering Kyle had been going to bears every week for months.  So he started going to Webelos, (Ethan was NOT happy about that) but we had to wait for his background check to clear before they could make it official over the pulpit. They finally made the calling official, and after awhile they found someone to be his companion, but that didn’t last long. The other leader’s wife ended up being put on bed rest due to complications with her pregnancy, and so he stopped coming and eventually he was released. So they are still working on finding Kyle a companion. The only reason I haven’t blogged about Kyle being cub scouts before now, is because I was waiting for him to get his uniform so I could get a picture of him wearing it. 🙂