Dec 252012

Last night, after Weston and his helper left, the kids got to open their Christmas jammies packages.


We got the girls bathrobes this year. They all really like my bathrobe, and I remember being their age and wanting a fluffy bathrobe to wear. We looked for bathrobes for the boys too, but the ones we could find were really lame. Like giant balls all over them or skulls and crossbones. I WON’T buy anything that has skulls and crossbones on it, and my boys aren’t really into sports so the balls didn’t seem right either. I found EXACTLY what I wanted for robes for the boys in the men’s department, but of course they were HUGE. We will have to just keep looking until we find something better.


Sometime after the kids went to bed Santa made a visit.


The kids were up early this morning, as usual, and after I popped the turnovers in the oven we let them out into the living room. They checked out the contents of their stockings for awhile, and opened the gifts that Santa had left for them.






Then we had breakfast, which was really more like Kyle and I had breakfast and the kids kind of picked at their food anxiously awaiting the approval to go open more presents.

When it came time to open the really big packages that my parents sent, the kids were REALLY excited. My parents sent large felt bags with soft presents inside and these peaked the kids interests the moment they saw them come out of the box. The girls also tried to get a peek at what was inside. I caught them before they could get a good look, but I heard them telling the boys what they thought they saw. So when they finally got to open them this morning they were really excited. Then when they saw that they each got a pillow pet they were thrilled.



Kyle got the family a PS3 and the Lego Harry Potter games to go with it. Someone also gave us a Mario Party game. I got a lot of cake pop making related presents from my family. Cake pop makers (two), cake pop stand, cake pop decorating station, cake pop sticks, and mixes. You’d think that that they think I like to make cake pops or something. Actually, I’ve never made cake pops, just cake balls which are completely different. 😛

Debby and Jeff came over this afternoon to open their presents, and have dinner with us. I had Jeff this year and I got him the cologne that he had asked for. The mall had it for $60 but I found the same stuff on Amazon for $16, so I bought it from Amazon. But when it came I noticed that the box was kind of pink, I thought it a bit weird but figured it was just a difference in what the lighting in the picture made it look like. Then Kyle saw it and told me that I bought perfume not cologne. I couldn’t return the one I got because it was considered a dangerous liquid, and I ended up needing to buy another bottle. But despite having to buy two bottles, I still spent HALF of what I would have had to spend, buying it in the mall! So I’m ok with that.

For dinner we had turkey and mashed potatoes leftovers. I also made some fresh guacamole for tonight. We were just getting ready to call everyone to the table to serve dinner when Lydia, who was standing on Kyle’s chair at the table, threw up. She got it everywhere. She was standing on Kyle’s chair, close to the counter and she projected that vomit with so much force that it got almost all the way to the couch in the living room. Ya, so she didn’t get to eat, and Kyle just held her for awhile to keep her from wandering around the house. She had had so many cake balls today that her barf was totally chocolate in color. I’m just hoping that we aren’t dealing with vomit working it’s way around the family for the next week.

All in all it was a good day. I’m so glad that we didn’t have to go anywhere, or do anything fancy. And now my house is an even bigger mess than it has been lately.

Dec 242012

Yesterday we had a Christmas dinner with Granny and Laurel and Roine and their family, and Kyle and Roine disappeared to the basement for awhile to run the network wires in each room of the basement, like they did on the main floor when the house was being built.

This morning Weston arrived, and when the drywall hangers got here he went over the job with them, and then he left them to get to work. They were here ALL DAY! Dave had originally said that they would work in the morning but that he had told them to go home and spend Christmas eve with their families. But these guys decided that since we lived “so far away”, that they just wanted to get the job done in one shot so they wouldn’t have to come back out after Christmas. So they got it done and right after they left, Weston was back with another guy to clean up the scraps. By now it was dark and getting late and we kind of wanted to put the kids to bed. Kyle asked him why he wasn’t at home with his family for Christmas eve, and Weston mentioned that he doesn’t have any family here in Utah. So they didn’t leave until they got most of the mess cleaned up. I went down after the hangers left and before Weston arrived (which was only a window of about a few minutes) to take a few pictures, and it is like the whole place has been through a transformation!

The family room:


The laundry room:


The girl’s room:


Look at the dust floating in the air! Funny how the camera picked that up. Here’s the girl’s closet:


Here is the boy’s room:


The boy’s closet:


And here is the tiny linen closet in the hall. It is so cute!


Dec 232012

This year for the holiday season I created two new cake balls. 🙂 Chocolate mint, which we somehow forgot to take a picture of, and gingerbread cake balls:


Cake balls are pretty simple to make, but they are very time consuming these ones were even more so. Every cake ball that we have created, we have come up with a different way to decorate them so that we can tell at a glance what kind they are. For the gingerbread cake balls I REALLY wanted a little gingerbread man on top. Kyle thought we could come up with some way to just stamp it on, but I don’t know how he was thinking of doing that, so I sat there and with a toothpick drew a little man on each one. Sometimes the gingerbread man turned into a gingerbread girl when the chocolate for the legs smudged together, but they were cute just the same.

Dec 222012

Today Dave came out with his dad and his son to put up the extra insulation so that we will be ready for drywall to go up Monday. So now the walls throughout the basement look like this:


Dec 212012

Dave came over this morning to get ready for the inspector to come see the basement. I let him downstairs and a little later the inspector arrived. I let him in the house, and then I let him downstairs. Just a few minutes later he came back up and after saying that it looks like we’re all set, he left. That was QUICK! I went downstairs to talk to Dave to see how it went and he said that everything looked great and that the inspector did suggest that we get some more insulation down there. I guess there are energy efficient tax rebates that we would qualify for if we added more insulation. So after talking to Kyle about it, we decided to do it.

As Dave was getting ready to leave he told me that drywall was going to be here at one, and that he didn’t set that time. The drywall guys called him and told him that that was when they were going to be here. So today, I put the kids down for their naps very excited and anxious about the arrival of our drywall. The main guy in charge of the drywall job, Weston, was here at one to look over everything and to see if the drywall will fit through the bedroom window so they don’t have to carry each piece in through the house and down the stairs. Dave also came back to go over everything with him and they had to move my can racks into the utility closet (they had been taken apart for this) so that they don’t have to continually move them out of the way. The truck with the drywall was running late, but it finally arrived and they unloaded the drywall into the basement. 🙂

We got a stack in the boys room:


A stack in the girls room:


And a stack in the family room: