Jan 182009

Dinah is cutting her eighth tooth, her second molar. Two molars at the same time, wow! I discovered it when Kyle was playing with Dinah before Sunday school began and her head was on my lap. I saw something on her gums so I put my finger in there to see what it was and it’s her molar popping through.

Jan 172009

Ethan had a birthday party this morning with some of his friends from church and school. He invited 6 and four came, which is a pretty good turnout. He had fun showing his friends his transformers and they all had fun making train tracks. Then they spent some time coloring some pictures that Kyle printed out for them. Then they played a little bit of Lego Star Wars, passing the controller around so everyone got to play. For lunch we served bagel bites, and apple slices, tropical chex mix and oreo cookies, along with peach drink and fruit punch kool-aid. Then it was the time they had all been waiting for….the pinata! We went downstairs and set it up and gave Ethan the first chance at busting it. Then Brayden, Jacob, Jeremy, Tyra, and Amy had a turn and we are very glad we saved Ammon for last because he took two whacks at it and knocked the legs right off and candy sprayed everywhere. The kids all had so much fun. Parents were showing up to pick up their kiddos and so we hurried with the present opening and passed the cupcakes out as the kids left. It was a good party. Ethan really enjoyed having his friends over.CIMG1628

After all the other kids left I put Dinah back in the high chair and gave her a cupcake, she really liked trying to bite the top off:CIMG1633

Jan 142009

Dinah has cut her 7th tooth! This one is a molar on the upper left. I have no idea when it actually popped through. I was tickling her on my lap and she would throw her head back and that is when I saw something in her mouth. Upon closer inspection it proved to be the starts of her molar popping through!

Jan 142009

Well Ethan had his 6 year check-up today. When I said that it was time to leave he ran and hid. 🙁 He weighed in at 38.6 pounds wich is like 3 pounds less than he weighed when he went in about 3 weeks ago for the strep throat (but that time he was wearing his jacket and shoes and this time he wasn’t). I am really concerned for Ethan, being 6 years old and only 38 pounds. Last year at his 5 year check up he weighed 36 pounds so over the year he has only gained 2.6 pounds, which just isn’t a lot. He is now 44 inches tall so he gained 2 1/2 inches of height over the year. We also had the doctor check out his throat since he was complaining that it was hurting again. And he has a strep throat relapse, so the doctor prescribed a different antibiotic this time so that it would be more effective.

Jan 112009

Emergency Preparedness:Car Kits Family Home Evening Manual (pg 322-323)

Opening Song:Children’s Songbook pg 195 “Family Night”

Opening Prayer:Ethan

Scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 38:30 “….if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

Activity:Assemble a car kit for each of the family’s cars. Place as many items in a 5 gallon bucket as you can.  Mount the fire extinguisher to the floor of your trunk (so that it doesn’t roll around).

  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • Jumper cables
  • Reflectors or flares (we got reflectors)
  • Tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes
  • Duct tape
  • Blanket(s)
  • Tools to change a flat tire
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tire gauge
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks-nuts, beef jerky, crackers, granola bars, dried fruit, fruit snacks, candies.
  • Activities for children-coloring/activity books, crayons.
  • Emergency diaper bag-diapers/pull-ups, bottles/sippy cups, diaper rash ointment, wipes and other diapering/baby needs.

Activity: Fire in a #10 can-Pour just a little rubbing alcohol in the #10 can, add a small wad of toilet paper take it outside and light it. The fire will then produce heat which will keep you warm. 😉

Closing Song: Hymn 303 “Keep the Commandments”

Closing Prayer:

FHE Treat:Car cakes that Granny made.